edith head (1897-1981)
costumer extraordinaire.
she worked on over 1,100 films. was nominated for 35 oscars (she won 8). she designed costumes for such films as funny face, sabrina, roman holiday, a place in the sun, the man who would be king, barefoot in the park, sunset boulevard, the great gatsby, double indemnity, among many many other.
her signature glasses, with darkened lenses that were originally blue-tone and later dark grey, had allegedly 2 purposes - to let her see how the clothes would look on black and white fim, and also to afford her privacy, a barrier for a shy person.


enc said...

She certainly was a major influence. It's interesting to imagine doing costume design; your work would be seen by so many people . . . perhaps more than ordinarily would see it, even if you were the most famous designer in the world.

cybill said...

What a great look she had, I've never seen a picture of her before. I heard the worst thing the other day, someone said that the costumes used to just get thrown out as the studios placed no value on them - oh the horror!

Lilleez said...

wow what amazing pictures, ive never heard of her and want to know more!!

am off to googling !! xx

Imelda Matt said...

she had such a heaven look and was a brilliant costumer!