many items can go either way.
combat boots on a soldier, military; on a teen, rebellious.
a tie on a man, staid; on a woman, subversive.
a tuxedo jacket at a formal affair, appropriate; on bianca, seductive.

do you own anything that has the potential to be something entirely different from however you wear it?


enc said...

My beloved cowboy boots: they can go from ironic to idiotic in seconds flat, depending on how they're worn.

-h of candid cool said...

That’s probably the core of my wardrobe.
Tuxedos and men’s military shirts. Slim tie. (actually it’s a sweater belt) Check.
An oversized and shiny silver chain necklace, which I can make elegant with floor sweeping dresses or as a pocket chain on a tuxedo suit.
Tweed Bouclé style blazer and vintage looking pearl necklace with brooch & ribbon, that I like to wear with boy jeans and slouchy boy tees.
Very slender dior homme jeans. That on a guy are 2nd skin, on me have a fitted boyfriend fit. While I wear them in “dior homme style.” I also pair them with kimonos, caftans, and very high heels (and flats too).

K.Line said...

Oooh, good question. I like to do subversive prim. I'll dress very correctly, extremely appropriately and then flip it on its edge by making the skirt a few inches too short (that's a fave) or the cut very body-skimming. Because I have large breasts, there is always the potential for things to look a bit louche so I have to be careful not to be overt. For me, it's often about scaling back.

Alexandra said...

Oh, yes!

I have tonnes of black items that can look edgy if worn all together, but can look very prim and chic at other times.

I have quite a few men's shirts that I wear to work to look v. conservative, or that I belt and wear with skinny pants and v. high heels on evenings.

I have some vintage dresses that look delicate and feminine if worn alone, and completely different if worn over jeans.

landis smithers said...

in my household, these items are called "bi", or "confused", or "in denial about their true nature".

they are typically worn to death.