Organizing thoughts

(frustrated with computer hiccups so here is sunday's post, early, in case i can't do it in the morning.)

in terms of what you would pay more for, list in order what you value, from greatest to least - that is, what is worth more to you (not, necessarily, what is a priority, but rather what warrants a higher dollar value):

things that are -

- beautiful
- cute
- sexy
- practical
- useful


K.Line said...

Practical (which I see as the same as useful)

-h of candid cool said...

1. Beautiful (I’m thinking in a detail/embellishment in just the right place)
2. Practical (High heels that are walkable)
3. Sexy (But not in the tacky/cheap way)
4. Useful
5. Cute

UniformLady said...

1. beautiful and practical at the same time.
2. beautiful and sexy at the same time
um..i think i am screwing this up. but i am trying to say..
1.i don't want to pay too much for practical blah looking stuff.
2. and i have a problem. sometimes i mix up cute and beautiful or sexy and beautiful. and realized that a little bit too late.

enc said...


(I hope your computer stops hiccuping. Maybe if it tried drinking water from the wrong side of the glass?)

Anonymous said...

I will pay for beauty above everything else, that doesn't sound so good does it?

coco said...


Being beautiful and wearing something beautiful is useful to me!

Iheartfashion said...


Beauty is foremost, and I might add comfortable somewhere in the middle of the list. Sexy, only in thinking about whether my husband would like it, not in a slutty, attention-getting sense. Practical and Useful almost never come into play. Maybe that's my problem!

fashionaddict said...

- Beautiful
- Practical
- Useful
- Cute
- Sexy

Alexandra said...

Tough one!

1: beautiful
2: sexy
3: cute
4: useful
5: practical

a. said...

1) useful AND beautiful (something useful but ugly, i would not purchase... and something beautiful but useless, the same... though in the past i used to slip up on that, i have gotten MUCH better at this recently. :-)

2) practical OR sexy OR cute (by the way i wonder what we all mean when we say "cute"?...)

this one definitely depends on the definitions you assign to the different terms. i'm reminded of the william morris quote - "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." one of my favorite design philosophies, definitely.

laia. said...

1 beautiful
2 practical
3 useful
4 cute
5 sexy

This was easier than I thought. I have no use for cute and sexy in my life. I'm sort of glad to know that about myself.

landis smithers said...

i'm cheating:

something that makes me feel powerful.

something that feels timelessly chic.

something versatile.

something inventive.

something simply gorgeous.

these days, the first three often require the last two, and all five need to be there for purchase (unless it's cheap!)