Sticker shock

my mom, recalling her delicious trip to spain some years ago, wanted to buy half a pound of imported ham recently. that would have cost $90, she was informed in advance. she stuck to her memories.

i saw a cute t-shirt recently. all cotton with some small silk accents. it smacked of reworked vintage. $790. i remembered that i don't wear t-shirts very often.

when was the last time you had sticker shock?


Carlene said...

Where do I begin? Bottega Veneta, I guess. Just a nice, simple minimalist woven bag. Nearly 5 grand. Yes, carlene, the decimal point is in the right place.

Also, it happens a lot to me in restaurants, probably because I cook fairly well. The pasta is $27? Do you know how much pasta I can buy for $27?

cybill said...

It was for a childs dress for $300.00 (I think it was by Kenzo) really what sort of a nut would buy a two year old a $300.00 dollar dress. Still in shock.

Iheartfashion said...

I recently ate a $100 pizza lunch in Rome, not at a fancy place, just a corner pizza joint. I think my Pellegrino was $8.

readysetfashion said...

i don't bat an eye much at retail prices. it's eBay that shocks me. everyday i browse the monster I am amazed at the prices people are willing to spend, especially when the words limited, exclusive or original pop up. where do people get the kind of money to spend? and are they willing to share?

enc said...

With shoes and bags, for the last three months. It's amazing to me how much people want for these things. I was in Saks a couple of weeks ago, just playing around in the handbag department, and I picked up a new Valentino bag. It was beautiful-looking, but when I inspected the stitching, I was pretty disappointed with the "quality." AND the price. $790 for a t-shirt isn't right, and neither is $90 for ham.

-h of candid cool said...

buying 2 little pieces of chocolate from sloane's.
(and they werent that great.)
never again.

editor said...

darn you carlene, you totally ruined me on going out to dinner tonight. come over and make me a ton of pasta!

cybill, at the rate children out-grow clothing, a $40 dress is probably the equivalent of a $400 dress, or more, in terms of wear-per-cost.

iheart, but that was because of the weak weak dollar, right?

readyset, i think those words work off of ebay just as well as they do on ebay.

enc, i totally agree, if we can see what we're getting for the $, that's one thing.

-h, i spent a bit on 4 (four) pieces of chocolate the other day too. but they were goo-oood.

Duchesse said...

I just got a very minimally used Prada zip wallet at a resale store for $65. SO I flipped tags at my local Prada, jeez, $375 for a nylon wallet.