More is more

interior design is tricky business. home decor magazines show pristine rooms, and if you are trying to sell your apartment, stagers advise you to take just about all of your possessions out, to make the space "feel like a hotel" so that prospective buyers can "imagine themselves living there" - i like a vacation as much as the next person, but i have yet been to a hotel that i could imagine living in. maybe if someone hauled all of my favorite belongings over, i could sort of picture it, but impersonal art and identity-less furniture does not, for me, smack of home. (i have a "think" desktop sign that i bought at a thrift store years ago, totally oblivious, at the time, of the ibm heritage. how could a place be home without such brilliant prompting on display?)

i never revere the monk-like homes featured in magazines, with all evidence of human habitants (with hobbies, senses of humor, friends) eliminated. sterile cleanliness holds no appeal for me where rooms are concerned, yet i always admire those who dress the most simply, with an ultra minimalist aesthetic. but i rarely opt for this myself.

i only have about 6 or 7 superfluous objects that i really like to have out, as far as decor goes, so i'm hardly a clutter bug. (don't get me wrong, i'm definitely a slob and laundry more often than not goes from floor to washer, and skips the hamper altogether. but i'm not big on tsochkes at all.) my approach to clothing is not dissimilar. i might start out with a spare enough look, but i won't feel quite right without some extra personal touch. sometimes i am frustrated with myself for undermining my intention to streamline my look. today, for example, in all navy (top and pants), i did not feel myself until i added red patent leather shoes (or, in my 2-broken-toes-case, shoe).

i have a book that i picked up at a japanese bookshop a year or 2 ago, petits appartements à paris (little apartments in paris). as the title directly puts it, the book features small apartments (studios and one bedrooms) and how the dwellers live in them surrounded by their stuff. it demonstrates how more can be more (less is more in terms of the restraint required, but more is more difficult, i think, if the aim is to have more stuff, but to live with it and arrange it with charm).

the bottom picture, the page with the clothing hanging above the bed - that's my favorite. if it were up to me, i think i would try that.

what kind of interiors do you like?
does that correspond with your personal style?


readysetfashion said...

I consider my closet/wardrobe home decoration just as much as my plates or linens...I'll sometimes leave my closet door open, so the colors brighten my room. My personal style is reflected mos definitely through both home decor and clothes, because it just falls into place. I just buy what I like and I am able to pull that off as style!

Iheartfashion said...

Funny, I stayed in a Paris apartment with the clothes hung just like that over the bed.
Personally, I'm a maximalist at home, with probably too much stuff. What I prefer to call objets, but some might term knick knacks or tchochkes. Lots of piles of books around, plants, shells, rocks, get the picture.
But as for my clothes, I'm more minimalist, starting with a basic, streamlined outfit, then adding a piece of jewelry like a bold necklace or some funky shoes or a scarf, but not usually everything at once.

fashionaddict said...

I dress simply, casually, and to me, accessories are bags and shoes, end of story.

But when it comes to decorating, I permit clutter, if it's the following: books (shelved, stacked, left where I was reading); photos (framed on walls, pinned on boards); magazines (stacked. everywhere). My clutter IS decoration, hahaha.

Carlene said...

Your clothes are so pretty, they'd look beautiful hung like that.

I just assume the sterile homes in magazines have great big piles of stuff, somewhere. Don't they? Maybe it's nice stuff, but I'll bet there's stuff.

My home is a little more quirky and soulful than my wardrobe, but I'm determined to change that.

-h of candid cool said...

i wouldnt consider my interior "decorated." i suppose if it was, i wouldnt really care what style it was in (as long as its not country) as long as it was well done. but where i sleep, i like dark dark colors, esp. greeens but absolutely NO YELLOW! and i dont like warm tones either (very much a diva when it comes to the no yellow)

so the preference for dark colors and the strong aversion to yellow & yellow tones goes with my personal style.

K.Line said...

In a perfect world I'd have a fantastic, midcentury modern place with 4 pieces of minimal furniture. But that's not really my lifestyle. My house is very tidy (given my controlling, detail-oriented nature) and without a lot of knick-knacks or clutter. I think it looks kind of academic-shabby in style. A lot of old coexists with new, the styles are an eclectic mashup of different eras and looks. It's not, on balance, what I imagine for my fantasy home, but there are elements of the fantasy coexisting with the kid's pics on the fridge.