Foreign relations

1. if someone were asked to guess where you were from, based on your style,
a. where would they guess, b. would they be right?

2. if you could pick any city in the world to do a day of shopping, where would you go?

3. if you could have a fashion pen pal anywhere in the world, where would you want him/her to live?


-h of candid cool said...

1. a) i get asked if im from new york or "up north" because of the way i dressed or as i prefer to say because i get dressed ;) b) they would be wrong.

2. Morocco or the UAE

3. Something makes me want to say Spain.

fashionaddict said...

1) Can't really answer this one. I'm Asian so I guess the obvious guess is some Asian country, though I think it's clear that I'm not Japanese. Why don't you take a guess, haha?

2) Berlin or Hong Kong.

3) Brazil.

greying pixie said...

1a - I am frequently asked in shops (some of them French designers) if I am French.

1b - I am Anglo Italian, so I guess France is half way between the two!

2 - Milan for shopping - definitely

3 - Paris (for styling tips)

readysetfashion said...

1. "you must be from the city." I'm not really sure which city...they would be right tho.
2. Tokyo
3. Copenhagen

Carlene said...

1. I get "you must be from The City," too. I don't know which city either. Probably Chicago, which is true.

2. New York City

3. New York area


I am SO American.

Iheartfashion said...

1. American
They'd be right.
2. shopping city: I'd have to say Paris
3. fashion penpal: Copenhagen

editor said...

fashionaddict - if they only looked at your style, and not your face/ethnicity, do you still think people would guess along the lines that they do with you?

laia. said...

1. hmm this is difficult. i dont know where exactly people think I'm from, but people never believe when i tell them i am from puerto rico. i guess everyone just thinks im american.

2. paris. just because i really want to go to paris.

3. one of the scandinavian countries. or maybe belgium.

enc said...

1. They'd guess the Midwest or East Coast. They'd be right.

2. Paris. London as a backup.

3. Australia.

thesearchforchic said...

1. People never seem to guess where I am from based only on my style, but if they did they would be wrong.

I grew up in a small town in Scandinavia.

2. Paris.

3. Paris.

Duchesse said...

1. a) Large city in Northern Europe b) wrong, Canada but most people don't think about Canada
2. Jaipur
3. Paris

a. said...

1) i dunno... maybe east coast, since i dress a bit less slackerly than than the west coast standard? i would love if they said europe (paris? please?) but i think most people i know/see don't even know well enough what fashions are like over yonder, to make that guess. !!

2) ohh.... that is a good one! london (topshop! !!!), istanbul, paris, shanghai.

3) ummmm... scandinavia.

fashionaddict said...

editor: Then I could be from anywhere (Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia), so long as it's a city, or at least somewhere with easy access (online or off) to the usual mass market shops.

When I travel, I do feel that in spite of how we perceive a certain city to dress, you can spot the same looks many different places. There is definitely some uniqueness to the location (because of climate, social norms, what's available in shops, culture), but very generally speaking, some trends and styles are everywhere. Like the gladiator sandal thing taking over the world. Susie at Stylebubble described the floral-dress-and gladiator sandal combo becoming the London summer uniform. You could make the same argument where I come from, or in Paris etc etc.

(I've rambled a bit, haha.)

landis smithers said...

1. i get alot of "new york" and "paris" and "berlin". they would be wrong, except that i was born in one of them, and learned style there.

2. hong kong. hands down.

3. tokyo. anyone in that country is fashion-centric.

Sabrina. said...

1. i always get "france". it's not totally wrong, cause I'm living in Portugal but I was born in France, although I've only lived there for a year.

2. tokyo.

3. new york