Hearts are always red

(last post about colors, for a while)
- wearing all one color is fun, especially if it's something besides black, which is fine, but not quite as interesting to go monochrome with. all white, red, etc. i like.
- wearing two colors, however, feels a bit too tidy for me. it's too safe.
- yesterday, three colors (that includes my bag and shoes) was perfect .
1, 3, or a busy colorful pattern are my favorites.

how many colors are you most comfortable wearing at a time?


greying pixie said...

This question reminds of a quote from Alice Thomas Ellis' novel 'The Clothes in the Wardrobe':

Mother (referring to her daughter's outfit): She should wear red for contrast (with a grey suit).

Exotic Egyptian friend: Oh that's so English! She shall go completely in grey, pale lipstick, a little powder, then she can slip into Bond Street without looking as if she's come from Croydon.

If I wear one colour I always wear a highlight colour, eg. pink scarf, etc.

As we creep into summer I think the most I would happily wear would be 4 or 5, but I think the more colours I wear, the more casual I feel. All one colour for work definitely, or at the most 2. I love wearing all grey, or shades of grey in winter, and next winter I want to start building up a collection of basics in very dark brown.

But I think as long as the colours are for example all warm with one cool colour you can probably build up quite a few. Also there is the issue of different shades of the same colour - do you count orange and pale orange as two colours, or two shades of the same colour? And the same arises with tone.

For years I've been trying (in vain) to steer clear of black but just can't quite make the final break!

There - as that's your last post on colour for a while, I've got it all out of my system!

K.Line said...

I can see the value in everything from 1 colour used strategically to a couple of contrasting patterns worn together - and everything in between. I like mixing a number of complementary (but unusual colour combos).

erica said...

for monochromatic outfits, i only do all grey or all white.

usually i wear at least three colors. yesterday i wore navy, fuschia, coral, and black & white stripes.

fashionaddict said...

I usually wear two colours - I like the calmness of wearing two neutrals together.

But occasionally I crave a crazy print (in a multitude of colours). After a certain point, multi-colour is kind of a colour in itself.

Gloria said...

as many as I want. lol. But mostly up to 5, as long as there is some cohesiveness.

enc said...

For me, it's three. I can do many shades of one color at a time, but that's as brave as I'll get.

I like all your color posts.

Iheartfashion said...

I like to wear unusual color combinations, opposites on the color wheel I guess, like mustard yellow and dark purple, or dark orange and pale blue. I'll wear as many as 4 or 5 colors at a time, but almost never wear all one color.

-h of candid cool said...

for work 1-3 colors (not counting jewelery).
but outside of that i can do 4+ if im wearing a printed dress/kimono, as long as there is a cohesiveness to it.
but prob. im doing about 3 colors per outfit.

Duchesse said...

I'm comfortable wearing a riot of colour IF I let the expert eye (Etro, Hermes, Missoni) do the mix for me.

If it's my own eye, I wear two or occasionally three from the neutural palette, or one neutral (black) plus a colour, such as a shrunken bright green cashmere tee.

I often use jewelry for colour as the saturation of stones is so intense.

Imelda Matt said...

I'll just dive into my wardrobe and if it's 10 and I look like the court jester then so be it!

readysetfashion said...

a mix of four, i have to most fun with four. today is heather grey (top), navy (belt), black (shorts), red (kicks).
i think i always start monochromatic but other colors always seem to jump into the mix.

landis smithers said...

i'm loving three colors. one of them being a major pop color. yellow hoodie. hot pink trainers. cobalt jacket. love!