Life happens

decisions, decisions. some people like a lot of lead-up time before having to make one, and some (of us) prefer acting in an impulsive second. when an invitation comes in the mail (or over the phone) though, the mind can't help but wander over, in advance, to the sartorial choices for the occasion, whether the event is hours, days or months away.

if you got invitations today for all of the following, do you have something in your existing wardrobe that you could wear to each? any that you're not prepared for?

- formal wedding
- funeral
- surprise birthday at an elegant restaurant
- high school reunion
- job interview
- romantic picnic


readysetfashion said...

i feel prepared for each event as of right now....i might not feel that way as i'm getting ready, especially for a job interview....i might be a bit nervous.

-h of candid cool said...

i do actually. maybe new clothes for the funeral though, wouldnt want something i like to be associated with someone's death.

and i wouldnt go to my high school reunion.

The solemn cat said...

Reading through those situations I realised most of my clothes are ideal for romantic picnics!
I have suitable outfits for most of the others, although I'd probably like something new for the formal wedding.
But absolutely nothing in my wardrobe is suitable for an interview. I don't possess any suits or anything remotely smart or business-like (most items are either patterned, bright, and or floaty. I don't even own a pair of trousers!)

Jessica said...

The only one I wouldn't be prepared for is a job interview. I work in an office, so I have plenty of work clothes. However, I get so nervous and worked up before an interview that I'd probably run out and buy a new item to spruce up my outfit and boost my confidence.

cybill said...

I've got outfits for all those occasions but I no longer fit into some of them, so do they still count? I also wouldn't attend the high school reunion and I would probably skip the job interview too!

editor said...

-h, and cybill, re. the reunion, ditto times 10. :D

Carlene said...

Well, I have the things in my existing wardrobe, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't want new ones for some of them.

re The High School Reunion

I know how you all feel, but get back to me when it's time for your 30TH REUNION. You may change your mind. (Also, editor, it's 3 blocks from my mom's house, so I can just bag some cake & walk right home if it sucks)

Iheartfashion said...

Just got invited to my 20th high school reunion, which wild horses couldn't drag me to...
but as for the sartorial choices, I have the same issue as Cybill: plenty of choices, not all of them fit.
The formal wedding is easy. I seem to accumulate gowns.
The funeral, unfortunately, I'm all set.
The surprise birthday, I do have a couple of cute spring dresses I haven't worn yet.
High school reunion: no idea.
job interview: I guess it depends on the job. If it was publishing, where my last career was, then I've got something I could dig out, lots of jackets.
romantic picnic: no problem

greying pixie said...

I didn't give up a really well paid boring city job 20 years ago to pay my way through art college, get married and bring up children on a shoestring whilst studying for my Masters, and supporting my family on part-time evening work just to feel obliged to conform to middle-class conservative dress codes. I wear what I want when I want and mostly get loads of compliments in so doing. Occasionally I feel a little insecure about this, like recently when I attended and spoke at an important conference at a prestigious UK university, but I soon regained my confidence when the compliments started to flow (mostly from American ladies).

Regarding clothes for a funeral, the black Issey Miyake dress I wore to my father's funeral now has great significance to me. It doesn't make me sad to wear it now, indeed it makes me feel very close to him.

Never underestimate the power of clothes! (not my words but those of Alice Thomas Ellis, author of the novel 'The Clothes in the Wardrobe'.

Editor, I love your blog - by far the best one around.

editor said...

carlene, a. !!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

b. if they had it in my building, down the hall, i would not go, BUT that is just because i have zero interest in the people, etc. and i'm hardly a socially-inclined individual as it is (plus, i happen to know where i can get some awfully good cake for myself, were i in the mood.)

iheart and cybill - are you going to keep the items that don't fit for when they do, or are they pieces that didn't fit from the get-go?

greying pixie - by all means, the items you would choose to wear for these occasions can be unique to you and your personality (i never EVER aim for or consider conforming in any way when it comes to clothes - the idea is loathsome. we're definitely on the same page). i didn't think of the question in terms of appropriateness, but more an issue of ... would you be good to go, in a moment's notice, to get dressed, as you see fit, to be comfortable attending these typical events. i like the value that has been added to your miyake piece through its use. oh, and...:) i really really appreciate your nice words.

laia. said...

I think I do have something for each occasion. The only one that is iffy is the formal wedding, as I dont have any floor-length gowns currently in my closet (there are some back at my parent's house) but I do have a cocktail length one that could be appropriate.
I definitely have shoes for all those, though, haha.

enc said...

formal wedding: No
funeral: No
surprise birthday at an elegant restaurant: Yes
high school reunion: Yes
job interview: No
romantic picnic: Yes

I don't think any of the "Nos" are in the offing, though. Lucky for me, now I don't have to turn anything down. If a funeral came along, I could fake it. But I wouldn't feel right.