Looking forward

for the consumer, clothing is a game of wait and see. you wait and see what styles come out. you wait and see what your stores will carry. you wait and see what fits.

taking a less passive role today, list what you would like to see next, what details or tailoring would you choose to see emphasized:

1. which color would you like to see?
2. what (skirt/dress) hem length would you like to see?
3. what dress shape would you like to see?
4. what skirt shape would you like to see?
5. what pant fit would you like to see?
6. what type of shoe would you like to see?
7. what shirt/top shape would you like to see?
8. what accessory would you like to see?


-h of candid cool said...

1.cobalt blue

2. sweeping the floor

3.floor length, vneck, and very long wide sleeves. Like the style Mary Kate tends to wear.

4. Flamenco!

5. I do love high & wide trousers in the summer. But slim is more everyday.

6. a proper driving shoe, that's cut high with a more squared off toe

7. the long sleeved batwing/dolman/kimono

8. a suede cobalt blue clutch

enc said...

I was just thinking of this the other day, that we are subject to everyone else's whims.

1. Emerald.
2. Just above the knee.
3. Tank/Empire/Shirred/Knee-length.
4. Mild A-line.
5. Medium-rise straight leg.
6. Combo-round/pointed-toe pump with slightly-fatter-than-stiletto heel.
7. Batwing.
8. A non-ridiculous clutch.

landis smithers said...

oooh. fun one.

1. red. we are in a tired, beaten down state, we need the infusion of vibrancy and pulse.

2. short. short short short. eighties cindy crawford short. it's been too long since women felt agressive.

3. bandage dresses. low cut dresses. gianni versace, not donatella.

4. see above.

5. wiiiiide. pleated. (actually i know bootcut is the next big style, big big big)

6. don't we have every style covered nearly every season by now? but i do miss the bitch stiletto.

7. i'm good with the white tee.

8. big jewelry. serious, boucheron meets liz taylor obnoxious tell-a-story-about-it jewelry.


Duchesse said...

1. Gorgeous Indian paisleys not too large scale
2. 32 inches from waist
3. Vionnet draping
4. Bias pieced gores
5. Palazzo
6. Ballet on a thin wedge- with an arch!
7. Fitted with extra deep French cuff and lapels or classic Asian tunic but just below waist
8. More pearls in non-classic designs, and get rid of the white ones with no orient

Sisty said...

Candid Cool has my number in a lot of categories!

1. indigo
2. floor sweeping and fairly tight,
3. trapeze -- with sleeves, for God's sake!
4. a subtle flare/fishtail hem, or long, mid-calf pencil skirt in lightweight fabric
5. high waisted dropping straight from saddlebag to the floor, not too wide
6. oxford -- seriously, even it if is summer -- I'm sick of "strappy" sandals
7. anything with a peplum and fitted
8. a discreet, not too large, plain pair of diamond studs....in my very ears, naturally!