Making the grade

it's midweek, how'd you do so far?
right now, from head-to-toe, what would you give yourself? A? B?
"E" for effort at least?


enc said...

A: I have perfectly matching pajamas on!

I spent the day in a pretty great outfit.

greying pixie said...

A. Today is my graduating students' fashion show and the highlight of their education - so I'm making an effort to support them by wearing my best Yamamoto dress (stiff cotton coat style, cinched at waist with belt then billowing out to mid calf).

a. said...

right now? grey leggings and a black t-shirt. it gets an A+ for comfort, for sure!

during the day: i'd say an A. i was wearing the same grey leggings, a full linen skirt, yellow suede ballerina flats, a silk/cotton top w/ a lovely spring-y mix of applique and print by twinkle by wenlan; and my new favorite silver feather earrings, an ebay find.

editor said...

greying pixie and a. - wow... such beautiful images. thank you for that! yellow suede flats are too perfect.
a yamamoto dress...(licking my lips).

lol, enc, i'm happy for you.

i think i made an extra effort after making the post be about evaluation. the pressure. black light-weight wool blazer with a beautifully executed sharp lapel (and mini double back vents - i have a flexible no-center-vent policy), black silk top (short-sleeve, boatneck with 2 pleats in front and a deep pleat in back), extra long straight-leg jeans (i folded them up to make a very large cuff), black lace-up boots.
the brands shouldn't matter, but i would be a liar if i said that i did not enjoy my labels immensely, even excessively - yohji yamamoto+noir, acne, y's at work, doc martens.

-h of candid cool said...

C, average, nothing extraordinary.
and right now, doesnt count im still in my jammies

editor said...

oh right, the grades, over all, i forgot. i would say mon-wed, -(can't remember mon.),A, C, A.

Alexandra said...

C. I've been lazy and felt fat so far this week. Plus, it's so ridiculously cold here that I'm tempted to wear fleece.

However, I get A for shopping. I got a fantastic pair of jeans and a wonderful cashmere navy top yesterday. mmmm

fashionaddict said...

I made some effort to skip the jeans. Mainly because it was really hot. I'd say B+ for two days, A for the day I wore my favourite jersey tank with a grey tulip skirt made of a sweatshirt material.

Right now, I'm sitting around in bright orange shorts and and a bright green rock festival t-shirt, getting ready for bed. I look like a can of Gatorade. I enjoy bright colours in the dark, so a B for that. (I have low standards, hahaha.)

Duchesse said...

Bitter-chocolate Italian cotton pants; white bateau neck tee; cyclamen pink cashmere cardigan;

Spratling Mexican silver bracelet inlaid with rosewood.

Dark brown driving moc.


Iheartfashion said...

Well, I can't compete with the Yamamoto, but I've got on a funky Anna Sui appliqued top, jeans, mens' oversized Bulgari watch, and very high high metallic platform sandals. I give myself a B+ just for getting out of's such a gloomy day.

greying pixie said...

Just wanted to post an update. Student fashion show went splendidly, Yamamoto dress did me proud as did my students.

Now back home to a grade E-, pyjamas and fleecy dressing-gown with a glass of beer!

Times of Glory said...

I always find a week is so quick! Times really flies... Now I already cannot remember what I wear on Monday and Tuesday... Oh, nothing too fancy... just suits for office... will try better for the coming weekend xx