Necessity is the mother

when shopping, do you typically find that every possible/desirable option is presented? or do you sometimes wish, if only this came in another color...

which color do you most often wish an item were available in, but it frequently is not?

what colors would you like to see offered more for:
- shoes
- dresses
- sweaters

if you could invent a new color - what would it be?


enc said...

Again, red—for all three. But also for bags. I really love red bags, and I don't think there are enough of them available. I'd also love to see red leather that doesn't fade.

Some wacky combo between green and red.

I'm on a red kick.

readysetfashion said...

I agree, red. There's a lot of wrong red out there.

shoes, nude
dresses, navy, a sexy navy.
sweaters, red

I am imagining a shade of butterscotch.....almost transparent...I want to wear it.

Carlene said...

which color do you most often wish an item were available in, but it frequently is not?

Dusty earth tones, olive greens, brownish greys. Greyish blues. "Gentler" whites. Anything with subtlety. Linen that isn't "linen" colored, and by that I mean oatmeal, or black or white.

For a while there I had a hard time finding dark brown shoes.

Let's invent a color (although I don't know if that's really possible); or, how about a color on a fabric:

Iridescent mauve and linen-white tulle.

Alexandreena said...

Hmmm...Can't really contribute to this. I wear too much black and that's normally available.

Iheartfashion said...

Invent a new color? That's something I haven't considered since I stopped doing acid (looooong time ago)...
As for finding items in other colors, I almost always want dresses in brights, like violet, red, or chartreuse. For shoes, the same; I almost never buy a black or brown shoe, but maybe grey. Sweaters, I'm much more likely to go with a neutral: ivory, black, chocolate, grey.

Duchesse said...

Don't find enough offbeat but saturated colours like absinthe or nattier blue. Because I live in Canada, where winter is long and dark, try to buy these in cashmere sweaters to lift spirits.

Skirts/pants: true espresso: brown with a lot of black in it.

Tops: Luminous palest dove grey; pinky-sandy beige

My favourite unfindable colour is 'petrol': a mysterious blackish green.

greying pixie said...

I agree with duchesse, the true espresso brown is so much more flattering than black and goes with every colour, including black. I have a handbag this colour and love it, but have never found it in clothing or shoes.

-h of candid cool said...

i dont know about colors, but I wish I could find more suede, pref. a cobalt blue suede clutch. patent seems dominate right now (which i suppose is a spring/summer thing).

lately i'll see a bag i like, but i dont know what color i would like it in, but i know that none of the colors it comes in jump out at me.