Stats and static

according to the june smart money, tupperware brands "has amassed an army of 2.1 million 'consultants' who launch a party, on average, every 2.5 seconds." wow.

we're approaching the 6th month. nearly at the half-year mark. so far i've bought 5 pieces of clothing (or, on average, 1 item per month). a year or 2 ago, that amount would have been triple maybe.

people do change. the other day, not only did i, an arachnophobe, let a sizable spider live after we crossed paths in the kitchen, i also named it and narrated it's journey as it made it's way to my bathroom.

on the other hand, so far this year i've probably spent just as much money (albeit on fewer itmes) as i have in the past.

so people don't always change that much.

and when the spider decided to suddenly bypass the bathroom, what i thought was a tolerable destination, in favor of exploring around the bedroom and ultimately came over to my side of the bed, i had to squeeze my eyes shut and implore my taller half not to tell me where it went next, so that i could just pretend it didn't exist, and wouldn't be creeped out by its proximity (when i opened my eyes, it was mercifully gone).*

how many items have you bought so far (just counting clothing, not shoes or accessories)?

willing to venture a prediction on how many more purchases you will make in the second half?

also in the magazine was an interview with shopping mall mogul david simon. in this piece i learned that, in the US, there are roughly 20 square feet of retail space, per capita. that's considered a lot, by the way. in "other markets" (vague, but that's all he said), it's 2-3 square feet per capita.

(if you're in the US, and putting aside the weak dollar - we're strictly talking about options, variety, quality, etc.), for all that space, would you say that shopping in your area is 10 times better than shopping... "in other markets?" europe? asia?

for what it's worth, only 1 person listed a US city as the top pick for a dream shopping destination in a previous post.

*update - "lorna" made a shocking reappearance mid-shower, at eye-level. i knew knew knew the bathroom was her goal. knew it! (for once, not so great to be right.)


enc said...

Clothing items purchased: 0.

Future purchase estimate: 5. Fingers crossed. This is a really good question for me.

Better shopping? Nope. We have some good things, but I'd have to go as far as L.A. to say the shopping was "better than" anyplace else, and that's a two-hour drive for me.

About bugs: They are allowed to live—I named 12 the Patron Saint of Bugs, as she insists on catching all of them and releasing them into the wild. Maybe you can get someone to be the PSoB at your place.

Imelda Matt said...

LOL...Lorna...heaven! I the last 6 months I've bought a lip balm...yup that's it!

Anonymous said...

To date I have purchased 4 to 5 items. I bought 2 items in Paris at the start of the year, 1 dress for 2 weddings [thrifty] and most recently 2 tops that layer together. I haven’t made up my mind on the layered ensemble, so it could be back to the shop for that. I have two/three items on my list for the summer, and taking into account Autumn/Winter, I’d hazard a guess at about 5 items for the next six months! I am trying to cut down however, as I have been a student this past year. So am a bit surprised at my ability to find money for items since I expected not to purchase much this year!

I would say that Paris – where I don’t live - is my absolute favourite place to shop. Rome is great too, I really enjoyed a shopping trip I had there.


Carlene said...

Uh-oh. I don't know? Not a lot, that's for sure. The other day I got a 2-pack of v-neck white hanes t-shirts at target (obviously, I'm not as selective about my t-shirts as some people)


Other than that, this has been a year of shoes, so far. If I am lucky, I predict I will purchase 4-5 non-shoe items in the next 6 months. I'm going to keep a tally.

And I looked for the other person who may have said they preferred to shop in the states, but all I could find was me.

Good on you for not killing the spider. I have a very un-Buddhist rule, one that I tell children, too. If you are in their (the bug's) house (outside) you have to leave them alone. If they are in your house (inside)...well, a Buddhist might say, Better luck next time.

p.s. Ooh, I wonder where my 20 square feet of retail space is?? (See, I want it all in one store) All the times I've visited other countries, I've been poor-ish, so I don't know if the shopping's any better.

greying pixie said...

I've bought 5 items this year, plus 4 metres of black quilted satin fabric with which I'm intending to make a large coat with enormous gaping pockets (a sort of copy of a Comme des Garcons white coat in this summer's collection).

I don't intend to buy any more this year until autumn when I will probably buy a pair of black boots or shoes, either Dr Martens or Loakes.

Times of Glory said...

Darling, this is a scary question that I cannot really ask myself. I don't think a lot, but I think they are enough to make me feel a bit gulity...

The thing is that I don't plan ahead that much, but I then I have some "suprise" purchases.

Iheartfashion said...

How many items have I bought this year? Far too many, but not as many as last year!
I bought quite a bit in Italy earlier in the year (but who could blame me?), and have been trying to limit my purchases ever since. But I still buy something to wear about once a week.

fashionaddict said...

Oh dear. I've hit more than 25 items since January. And this taking into account me making a conscious effort to cut down. How do you guys do it!!!

I fully expect to buy another 25 items for the rest of the year, but I'll try not to.

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness. This motivated me to go up and peek in my clost and count. I stopped at 40! Ugh. It's partly because over the last two years, I lost 72 lbs and I had been purchasing items to replace old pieces now that I'm at my goal weight. But, still! That's excessive! I'd like to only buy one item a month for the rest of the year, but we'll see how that goes. Even two items a month will be an improvement at this point!

-h of candid cool said...

i bought 8 items so far this yr (counting accessories)
im with u that this # would have been double last yr. im very critical of my purchases now.

also 4 out of the 8 were black pants/jeans!!

(im not counting the things i returned and one which was a gift)

I plan on buying something else on Mondayish, but with online purchases you're never sure of fit so im not counting that yet. but then that's a black jean too!

on the flip side, ive cleared out of my closet, of at least 9 things, possibly more...

so im not as bad as i thought!!