#1 fan

- what is your current top style inspiration (this month, this week or this minute)?
- do you remember what your previous one was? and why you finished with it?
- do you absorb past inspirations, retaining aspects, or fully and exclusively embrace the new?


greying pixie said...

My latest style inspiration is Mary Baskett, Curator of Cinncinati Art Museum. Last week I found a short film about her clothes on Youtube and find her really inspiring. I especially love her glasses and as I need a new pair, have decided to follow her down the intellectual look route!

I don't really remember my last inspiration to be discarded. I often play away from home, but always come back to my beloved Japanese designers. I guess the last style I discarded many years ago was the 'rich' look as I realised when still quite young that however rich you look there is always someone looking richer! Also, once looking rich, where next? It all seems rather boring and bourgeois.

I like to find newness in everything, past and present. For example, I love the costume of Renaissance paintings and have been inspired to make myself a few muslin underdresses to wear with dresses and coats. They peep out at the neckline and cuffs and hem and look really modern and new.

Editor, do look up Mary Baskett on Youtube, I'm sure you'll like the film.

enc said...

-I haven't got a particular style inspiration right now. That may be evident.

-Nope! Usually I'm influenced by photos in books and magazines. Occasionally, it'll be films.

-Usually I retain. I don't give up things I love easily. I like to integrate new ideas with my old, creating a mishmash. I wonder if any of it makes sense? I don't keep track of my influences, which I think is a mistake. I wish I'd kept a file of my influences, and dated them. It would be fun to go through the file and see what I loved from years past.

Times of Glory said...

My dearest editor, can I just say that you always ask the best question! And that's why I adore your posts!

My inpiration? Not anything particular, but I love retro... late 40s and early 50s... I just love them, something about them

I cannot remember if I really have some previous inspiration... maybe not really, to be very honest xxxxxxxxx

laia. said...

- current inspiration "dress for the life that you want not the life that you have" via some weird Gainsbourg/Doillon/Olsen mix (basically I am trying to think outside my comfort zone)

- the previous one? hmm... i dont know if i had specifics. it changed because its summer and then my life changed a bit in the personal sense.

- i think i usually keep aspects of my last phase into the new one. sort of a learning something and keeping it for forever. i know i still keep things from my "gwen stefani phase" in 1995... ha!

Carlene said...

My current style inspiration is Jane Birkin, circa a few weeks ago:


My previous, probably Meg Ryan, this particular outfit (and a bra):


Not really finished, I sort of combine the two.

(oh, I guess that answers question #3.

-h of candid cool said...

1. the most recent thing ive seen that i was inspired by is féminité voilé and glamour at sea (it has inspired me to look into the art deco time period, because of the bracelet in the 2nd to last shot)

2. perhaps a previous significant inspiration was gianfranco ferre's spring collection.

3. i dont consider myself "finished" with any one inspiration. emmanuelle alt, kate moss, dior homme spring 05 & fall 05, dorian gray...etc it's always there.

editor said...

greying pixie - she's no longer the curator there, is she? i think she's independent.