there is the proverbial expression that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
with me, if you lead me to water, i'm likely to drink it up, totally forgetting that i had found this other great water source a few weeks/months/years ago and had always meant to return, but now, faced with the water before me, i completely forget about the alternative water.
yes, i make the occasional list (usually jotted on the back of a receipt or other errant scrap), and i fold over page corners, tear out articles/mentions, or make the frequent mental note, which apparently gets filed under "r" for "rapidly forget."
i usually remember a place i wanted to shop in just after i've completed a different transaction that usurped all my spare money.

if i didn't remember the allegedly desirable source in the first place (in time) why do i feel undermined (by myself) in my shopping habits when i shop elsewhere? what i did buy, though an inadvertent selection, is no less valuable to me than if it were an item i had intended to buy... no?

is there a way to remember this stuff? why do i forget in the first place?

ever forget? does it bother you?


landis smithers said...

oh, i forget.

but i forget that i already own. not where to find. it's more frustrating.

enc said...

I forget, too. That's why I have a spiral notebook in my bag filled with jotted-down things to help me remember.

I suppose that if it was THAT important, I'd remember it. This is what I tell myself, anyway.

Iheartfashion said...

Ever forget?
I've already forgotten what the question was!

Times of Glory said...

I don'even know why, but I really forget them! I have a little booklet to help me remember. However, if I don't read them often, I will just forget anyway...

Anairam said...

I have found through years of experience that when I shop for something, e.g. a pair of pants, I WILL NOT find a pair. Yet, on the day when I am shopping for, let's say, a new baking tin, I will see the most PERFECT pair of pants. But then I will not have my credit card or enough cash. This is just the way of the universe.

Sal said...

Agreed, agreed. Much forgetting, followed by that dark, churning feeling of having failed somehow when the mentally-alloted money gets spent elsewhere.

I keep a Word document on my home computer of items that I am lusting after. And yet, when finances loosen, I typically want to just browse and buy willy-nilly. Bizarre.

editor said...


Gretta said...

This "spare money" of which you speak...where can this be found?

a. said...

ever forget? does it bother you?

yes, and yes! of course! it gets worse the older i get. it's one of the reasons i didn't answer your question a few posts back about style inspiration/influencers... i can never even REMEMBER what my supposed inspirations are! not even at the store when i decide to go shopping say, for fall clothes, even when i was just looking at magazines and whatnot a few days beforehand.

i forget in pretty much all the ways already mentioned:

- i forget those things that i have wanted for a long time. for this i now keep a list, as a part of the budget i now assiduously stick to, but somehow still those "other" purchases come along and eat up the money for the thing i have wanted for much longer. for example, most recently, i bought a new pair of flats, in metallic leather, which is roughly the same price as the straightening iron that has been on my list for months. even when i have a gazillion ballet flats already. including one pair that are metallic. (but suede. and worn out! really!)

- i forget what i already have and don't need to buy again. this is how i have two black skirts. now, one is cotton and semi-casual and the other is linen and possibly elegant, and i have found them both enjoyable to wear, but still, i coulda sworn, when i found the latter one in the store, i thought to myself, FINALLY! a good black skirt! because they are SO hard to find! for this purpose i have indulged in the thought of documenting my entire wardrobe via photos (like your previous blogs) and sorting/categorizing them on my computer. and possibly printing out a book even. but i haven't figured out how to justify working on that and not on my master's thesis so... it will have to wait.