sorry sorry. she's back now.


greying pixie said...

editor, I first found you through a comment you made on going grey and all the insecurities it involves. From your comment I was tempted to look at your lovely drawing blog and from there found your retail recovery blog, which I look forward to relaxing with every evening.

So returning to the insecurities of going grey, I had a hair cut today that has revealed a whole new crop of grey and was actually quite a shock. From the hairdressers I went to my mother's house (she has always dyed her grey hair) and asked her opinion on whether I should now dye. Her reply was no, followed by a string of compliments which I don't remember except for the word 'distinguished'! So I'm back on the greying course and feeling good about it.

Thank you for your great blogs.

enc said...

Thank you!