left, left, left, right, left.
(let's not waste valuable time mocking the hair here - it's runway, it's dramatized fashion, move on.)
this fantastic presentation illuminates how i see fashion, the very basic 2 categories, what i see as my two choices - plain (purely to describe the expectations met by the tailoring and not implying a judgment of that approach with this term) versus warped.
are you consistently drawn to one or the other here?
and in general?




pics are of jun takahashi's 04 under cover collection


readysetfashion said...

50/50. I am drawn to the warped in 2 and 4 and plain in 1 and 3 which all happen to be on the right side.
hmm, this is a deep one for 1am. But I think I'm 50/50 in general as well.

erica said...

not referring to the photos in particular, i would say that i lean towards well-tailored, 'classic' silhouettes for actual purchases, but am always intrigued by the warped because it tends to be more visually interesting.

i have to pick my battles. when it came to a trench coat, i agonized for a while, but decided to go classic all the way. but for cardigans, tops, etc, i look for more 'interesting' pieces.

so, plain v. warped is 70/30.

Carlene said...

There's definitely a sense of humor at work here! In these photos, I go for the warped in all except that last one, which scares me a little.

Iheartfashion said...

warped, for sure.

Anairam said...

I prefer plain over warped in the actual clothing items, but in the way they are put together when worn I lean more towards warped. I.e. unfussy pieces put together with quirkiness.

enc said...

I will risk being boring here and say that for myself, for actual wear, I go for plain. However, to look at, and on other people, I like warped. A lot.

Sal said...

I'm a plain Jane all the way. But I'm fascinated by the dichotomies created in these pairings. Especially since they make me twitchy; the sloppiness of the warped twin is hard for me to handle, yet I'm mesmerized. Well played.

editor said...

i utterly prefer warped, personally.

Alexandreena said...

Plain. Definitely plain.

Feeling boring right now.

greying pixie said...

Well to answer your question I would say I'm usually more attracted to warped. But I really don't like warped for warped's sake. For instance, I don't like the warped trenchcoat, as in my opinion it looks pretencious and unnecessarily busy and I hate points on the bottom of clothes. I think there have been much more successful versions of 'advanced irony' trenchcoats.

What I tell my fashion design students is that 'warped' works if you follow the drape and nature of the fabric, let it hang in its natural way and try to capture its natural position. I think picture 2 shows that quite well.

I love the warped dress in picture 3 - a real passe partout. That would solve my summer professional clothing needs!

cybill said...

What a brilliant presentation. Personally, I like some warp with a touch of classic or vice versa.

landis said...

i'm warped on the inside,
"plain" on the outside.

or is it the other way around?

fashion herald said...

favorite fashion pics of the day, easy. Maybe the week.