Complete package

it just sort of snuck up on me. without being aware that it was happening, my wardrobe seems to have come together and...i am very content.

what percentage of your wardrobe are you satisfied with?


readysetfashion said...

shoes, 100%
jacket/coats, 100%
tops & dresses, 100%
pants & skirts, 75%
jeans, 0%
and I keep buying shoes and jackets. go figure!

Carlene said...

That is very inspiring! I think I'm satisfied with about 75%. The rest is looking a little shabby, but since I'm "in transition" (i.e., unemployed), I'm in no hurry.

Times of Glory said...

I am very happy with my wardrobe - just 1 thing - it seems that I keep discover new things! That can drive me a bit mad! I am much refined now, not like before (mainly because I don't have wardrobe space left). So, I only keep things that are worthy to. Dear, it is a great post - clear my fashion thoughts xx

greying pixie said...

I would say that I'm 95% happy with my winter wardrobe, but still get very frustrated at this time of year with my professional clothes. I NEED urgently a pair of cream trousers, wide leg with pleated front and high waisted, preferably non creasing cool wool or heavy cotton and definitely NOT transparent. I have a navy blazer with gold buttons waiting to be worn but just can't find the trousers to go with.

Yes, summer is difficult for arty professionals.

enc said...

I'd say I'm satisfied with about 70% of my wardrobe. I'm on the way to being very happy with what I have.

I'm happy for you, that you are happy with your own wardrobe. That sentence was a real stumbler. :P

K.Line said...

I love almost everything I own(I could cull a little, though not much) but I am always interested to explore something new. Which translates into regular purchasing. If only I were some richy woman with a walk in closet like the one in SATC!

a. said...

i'd say 90%. i have a ton i could get rid of actually... will be doing that soon. the pieces i'm still missing are just a few perfect iconic pieces that are (for me at least) next to impossible to find, at least in my budget. for example, the right trench (for me, it can't be double-breasted. and it's next to impossible to find a single-breasted trench... then add in well-tailored, in the right fabric etc... !). and also the right black jacket. this has been a several-years-long search. but i will continue on... ;-)

i must say tho, having just seen the SATC movie this weekend, i have no desire for a closet that big. it would be too too much! too many choices, too many decisions to make! (besides which in these times of global warming et al it just seems so morally wrong.... but that's another issue entirely.)

Duchesse said...

Winter, 90%, summer 40% because I can't wear black as handily then and for a 5'10" size 14-16 woman, that's rough.

I would love to find a long Indian tunic or dress to wear over pants to a wedding, and a few summer dresses. Dresses! 10% as so hard for me to find right proportions.

fashion herald said...

oh, the bozo picture and the title, I'm still laughing!
i'd say sadly, 40%, as I spend too much time staring at my closet in the morning, and then once I leave I want to go back and change.