yesterday i realized i was wearing 3 items (that number includes shoes but excludes socks and underwear) from two sources (both happened to be online retailers). i could have easily worn 3 items from 1 source, or 3 items from 3 sources. now i'm not talking brands or labels, i'm talking about how many different locations/shops/retailers i patronized to acquire the pieces that i wore.

right now, how many sources (shops/sites) contributed to what you are wearing?


-h of candid cool said...

ok, since im in PJs right now, i'll count what i actually wore to work previously.
8 sources & that's including socks, underwear, and accessories.
the day before that: 4 sources.

erica said...

6 sources for the 6 articles of clothing and accessories that i'm wearing today.

usually there are fewer sources because i buy multiple things from the same shop.

Sal said...

3 items from 3 sources. Shoes and tunic bought online, leggings bought in person. Like Erica, this is unusual: I generally buy multiples from the retailers who suck up my petty cash!

Whitney said...

Mine is on my tumblr too: in particular.

Gap (Dress, tank, sweater)
Target (shoes)
Bass outlet (necklace)

fashion herald said...

ew, math is hard!

Belowen said...


enc said...

Three. But I see what you mean; I could be wearing an entire outfit by the same source. I tend to go back to shops that have things that work for me, so my wardrobe will become skewed in one direction if I'm not careful.

landis smithers said...

i've been three and three for days.

(j.crew, barney's, and american apparel seem to be ruling my roost.)