anticipation/expectation can be fun or frustrating. just like a conclusion can be delightful or disappointing. fortunately i am very pleased with my recent haircut (in spite of my mom laughing at it when she saw it tonight via skype), but it could have ended as poorly as a pair of sandals last week that arrived one day and were repacked and ready to be returned the next.
now i realize that i'm lucky on the hair front since my semi-spontaneity made me happy - that is one area where it is really hard to escape unscathed when the deed is done, if it's a bad one. for most other things that don't work out, like clothing, we can cut our losses. but dashed hopes/dreams are another matter.

when you've spent time pining for something, and it doesn't live up to your expectations, are you disappointed or relieved?
what about when a store or brand disappoints?


-h of candid cool said...

im disappointed, but then relieved all be getting somewhat of my money back. except in the case of the zara shoes...i dont know if im fully over it. im resisting going to their sale...

enc said...

I can be disappointed, because I assign too much importance to these things.

I become emotionally involved with some purchases, if they're over a certain dollar amount. In the recent past, I've been on a bag quest because the replacement bag I got a few months ago didn't work. I returned it. I was relieved, because it cost a lot. But the replacement replacements didn't work either, and I was first disappointed, then relieved, as they were expensive, too.

Store or brand disappointment happens occasionally, and I'll go away and come back later—sometimes months later—in hopes that things will have changed. Usually, after a trend goes by, I can return to a store. However, not in the case of American Apparel. I wanted to try that store a lot, after having heard a lot of hype about it. I tried it, and was really disappointed about how cheap and tawdry it was.

enc said...

I realize that I was so lost in thought about disappointment that I never said "I'm happy for you" about your new haircut.

I'm happy for you. I'm so glad it worked out, because now you can be happy. If it hadn't worked, you'd be spending a long time waiting for it to grow out. I'm glad that wasn't the case.

Sal said...

Agreed! Congrats on the cut. I just read something yesterday about how a killer haircut is a sound investment, when you look at cost per use. Rock on.

There was a floor-length embellished suede skirt from Anthropologie that I tracked for MONTHS until it was on sale enough for me to pounce. When it arrived by mail, what I had expected to be embroidery, applique, and stitched-in studs was nothing but fabric paint and hastily glued rhinestones. I felt so misled by the website photos, I was almost angry.

When I spend outside my comfort zone on a single item, it is typically something that I have seen and handled in person several times, and carefully considered the importance of. So I don't feel relieved at refunds as often as disappointed by misleading images.

With stores or brands, I'll give about 5 tries ... especially if it's a store or brand that I've consistently loved in the past. But that's my breaking point. I'm just about to give up on H&M, for instance. I guess I'm just not that girl.

Carlene said...

I am, like candid cool, initially disappointed and then almost immediately relieved.

Stores are another story, especially if I've traveled to visit. My vision of what I expect the store to be is sometimes so much better than the actual store. Such a let down! I should open my own store.

fashion herald said...

weird, i've been pinning my hair up like that in the back b/c i'm growing it out and hate it, and it's hot.
So glad you like your haircut!

Imelda Matt said...

I'm always disappointed by jewelry that photographs well but in the flesh looks like cheap 'n nasty dime store shite!

skype distorts reality!

landis smithers said...


inadvertently, this may be cutting a little close to home for me right now. not living up to expectations and all. disappointed AND relieved are my two keywords right now.

(see, cryptic again.)

editor said...

^^^teasing b@st@rd

landis smithers said...


did i say something?

oh, don't mind me . . .

editor said...

oh you... don't be coy!
you know what you did,
what you've done.
i don't know,
but you, you know!