Don't beat yourself up

earlier this year i was really annoyed with myself for not buying an item.
last night i wasted quite a bit of time aimlessly looking at stuff to buy, that i wouldn't or didn't or couldn't buy.
utterly pointless.
so for the opposite reason, i was really annoyed with myself, again.

when was the last time you were upset with yourself over fashion?


Anonymous said...

after I bought an atumn winter see by chloe jacket recently, when I in fact have just spent the last year back at college. I really shouldn't have spent money on it so I felt remorseful particularly as it has bracelet sleeves, and am always uncertain about the best way to wear these particularly in winter months with long sleeves poking out; in essence the combination of too much money + a little bit of impracticality on the part of item wasn't pleasant! I think the item is lovely but still feel bad about it!!

-h of candid cool said...

Last week. I went on a shopping binge. I bought 2 blazers, 1 pair of shoes, and 1 tunic. The tunic I love! I returned the shoes, they hurt. Both blazers were final sale. The white one I went back and forth with, now I love it of course. The black one, I should have never bought, didn’t need it, and its too heavy to wear. I actually walked out of the store and went BACK to buy it.

I’m annoyed with myself, because I shouldn’t have spent that money. I guess it was my way of coping with the other stresses going on, that I don’t have any control over.

So the jacket is now on ebay.

greying pixie said...

About a month ago and I'm still upset. I have an Issey Miyake long straight skirt and top that I bought in a sample sale four years ago for £5. It's a rather cold difficult grey colour but the price made it too good to pass up. Due to the shape the outfit has always clung to my bottom a little too much for my liking so it has never been worn.

I was in a local boutique a few weeks ago and saw a long drapey jacket in a bluish grey. It was quite nice but nothing really special and certainly not worth the £200 I paid for it, all with a view to wearing it with the Miyake outfit. Since getting it home I realise it's too long and I don't like the colour. So I now need to alter it and dye it! All this and £200 poorer too!

Editor, I love your psychological approach. I find it great therapy to face up to my clothing realities!

enc said...

For the last two weeks I've been annoyed with myself over fashion faffing. Some shoes you might know about.

Also, there was a sweater that's been haunting me. I wish I'd bought it.

Imelda Matt said...

I went to buy leopard print loafers in NY a couple of years ago but they sold out of my size (but not Imelda Mike's, so he bought 'em even though I spotted them). I cry every time he wears them!

hap said...

3 years ago i trun down a pretty good deal on some ann d boots, i dont think i have slept properly since.

i have filled my life with all sorts of things, but nothing will make up for the loss of those boots.

well perhaps i exagerate a little

Allure said...

Last week. I had to attend a dinner, and I think I finally did end up trying too hard.

Sal said...

Within the past week, for BOTH the reasons you cited (passing up something perfect, aimlessly shopping for crap I DO NOT need). Such a love-hate sometimes, this thing we call shopping.