Freaky friday, on tuesday

you wake up in the morning the opposite gender you usually are.
- what do you wear, from your closet, to leave the house?
- what is the first fashion thing you buy?


enc said...

1. A certain pair of jeans, and a certain t-shirt.

2. A different t-shirt!

Carlene said...

Ooh, this is a good one!

1. Men's jeans (I think they're Lee), Hanes V-neck tee (I just bought a brand new 2-pack!), black Chuck Taylors, leather wrist wrap. I am so hott!

2. I will probably need some new underwear.

Iheartfashion said...

Have you been reading Kafka? Interesting question!
I have a little collection of men's Etro button-downs, so I'd probably wear one of those, but for pants I think I'd have to raid my husband's closet. All of mine are definitely cut for women and look it.

Sal said...


1. I'd grab my gardening jeans - a giant pair of men's Levi's - my vintage tee that just says DRAGONS, and my olive green Keens.

2. I'd buy a button-down.

-h of candid cool said...

Is it weird that this wouldnt phase me AT ALL? i've have plenty of men's clothes (tops & bottoms) not to mention accessories.

I'd throw on a pair of my Dior Homme jeans and a black J. Lindeberg military button down and finally be able to roll up the sleeves! (I don't show arm normally)

I'd have to go out and buy a pair of boots, maybe these hi tops or these boots

Honestly, I could go a whole week (maybe more) dressed as a boy. (Sometimes I do) Sigh I'd be much better suited as a boy.

Alexandreena said...

Hm. I don't think it would be a problem. I have men's jeans, and plenty of non-descript black t-shirts.

Shoes would be a huge problem though, as I have mostly heels. So, I guess I'd buy shoes.

landis smithers said...

oh lord. it's every gay man's dream.


i'd throw on skinny jeans (got those) a deep american apparel vee (got those)and some riding boots (got those)

then get my ass out shopping for some brian atwood heels, a alaia bandage dress, and some m.a.c. viva glam.

hell, i only got one day, i better flaunt it. . .

(and yes, cindy crawford scarred me for life)

Allure said...

A pair of rolled up chinos, with a white tee.

And I would be a three piece suit.

hogan said...

ex-boyfriend's "dress pants" and one of my many t-shirts which I don't wear now because they are too big but also too cool to give away. then i would probably buy some jeans, and maybe a suit. Yes, a suit!

Inez said...

Yeah I'd probably raid the Mister's closet. :D Barring that, I'd wear my dark brown cords, black low-top Chuck Taylor's, and an old navy blue Marcy Playground shirt I sleep in (my favourite band). As for the first thing I'd buy, man... If I was a man I would be a total dandy, so I guess I'd hit up the local old-fashioned tuxedo shoppe's and have them searching the stock rooms for coloured suits and ruffled shirts. :D

editor said...

-h, i can relate.

Times of Glory said...

Hahaaaaaa, what a funny and stylish question? OK, I will be in shock, but probably still fancy some girly clothes, right? I mean... I cannot change that fast, so I may end up look more metrosexual... some jeans/slim trousers, a T-shirt and trilby hat&sunglasses(to cover my face)!

I will have to buy some new underwear, right?

Gretta said...

This is a fantastic question! And a challenge - I am pretty girly. I would have to just put on a t-shirt, that I normally work out in (probably my Wrigley Field T), my loose-fitting Earl jeans (they're fairly androgynous) and flip flops. I will then go downtown to Mario's and find a gorgeous lilac button down (like they wear in London) and a fun tie. And shoes, of course.

This made me realize how little attention I pay to men's clothing!

Anonymous said...

I don't own any manly jeans, but would probably choose the closest ones I own to being boot cut. I'd adorn myself with a t-shirt and wear my construction boots.

The lack of boobs would be quite enjoyable!

First thing I'd buy? Some sneakers and jeans.



Luce said...

i would wear a pair of skinny jeans and my stripe tee and leather jacket (hey, if it works for andy warhol, it'll work for me) then i'd go buy myself a nice pair of slim trousers or a blazer. wow. i love menswear.