I'm nuts

yes yes, content, satisfied, a complete wardrobe, blah blah blah. so i figured, okay, great, i have everything i need (clarification - i love it all. "need" here speaks to my style needs, not my fundamental needs), so i can ... what? move on? check "clothes" off my list and find something else to do with my spare time? i honestly found myself proverbially scratching my head, unsure what to do next. i started another blog (#3) to help me focus on what i had, and i headed off towards other pursuits. i got distracted by a ring. i thought, ah, here is something...semi-sane, as it would last, always fit, gain value, etc. etc. well i went and did what i oughtn't to have done, and it was a mistake. jewelry is not, as i've stated before, my thing. and so naturally it didn't sit quite right with me. i thought this was what i was supposed to do, head out into greener pastures. but no, clothing, it seems, is the only grass i graze.
you can't blame me. a. it's my birthday month, always a heady time of year, and b. blame my sign; flip-flopping is a matter of course, and it's june, for pete's sake. that must be the equivalent of a full moon for geminis.
anyway, i'm back on track now, sort of. i am resigned to clothing. i'll never be "done" with it. but then that brings me back to blog #3. if the whole point of that blog is that enough is enough, and now i'm balking at that assertion, where does that leave me/it/us? i'm going to have to think about this some more. the fate of that blog is tbd.*

if it were possible for you to be 100% satisfied with the clothes that you had, what then?

*retail recovery and up and down town are not being reevaluated.

edit: i have since canceled blog #3


a. said...

combinations. the combinations are (almost) endless. :-) at the very least, with my wardrobe, i'm thinking they'll keep me occupied until some of the pieces start getting worn out and actually need to be replaced.

a sort-of-aside - i studied math in college, and combinatorics was one of my favorite subjects, and i will always remember the "if jane has 8 tops and 6 skirts and 5 pairs of shoes, how many different outfits does she have?" because they were so satisfying in their promise of an ENORMOUS number of outfits. (in this case, 240. of course, if you factor in jackets, leggings, accessories... wheee!!)

readysetfashion said...

for me I have become more satisfied with my clothing because I have become 100% satisfied with my style. It just means I have more fun shopping because I can filter out the frivolous and zero in on the items I love. Adding those pieces to my wardrobe reflects my style evolution. Since one day I'll wear a piece one way and two days later a completely new way with my new addition.
That is how I view 'reminder to myself." Less is more doesn't mean you are 100% satisfied...but maybe, it declares you know what you are doing!

Imelda Matt said...

do socks count? I'd start on socks, you can't buy decent (well priced) mens socks. But then I don't think I can ever be satisfied!

Belowen said...

I would give them all away and start all over again! lol.

Carlene said...

Thank you for clarifying that you aren't ending your blogs. Whew.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I bought a ::whispers:: $3,000 chair that I had been coveting for at least a decade. I am 100% satisfied that I will never again need to buy another chair. (I do have other chairs besides this one.)

This in no way lessened my love for chairs and decor in general. But the furniture acquisition thing has not returned. I do, however, haunt estate sales and pick up little decorative things and art (to accessorize the chair, of course).


The estate thing is a hobby. I never spend much $ at them, most of the time I spend nothing, but I just love going into the houses and poking around. I find the hunt to be just as satisfying as the purchase, sometimes more.

I'm not sure what my exact point is here. Maybe it's that I consider myself a "collector" now rather than just a "consumer." Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Wow, now that I've seen your latest addition to 'a reminder', I'm coveting it!

Maybe it all comes down to your appreciation and love of design. And the enjoyment you get from considering outfit possibilities and satisfaction at resulting aesthetic effect! Perhaps your projects have been ways to rationalise it to yourself i.e., building a wardrobe so I won't purchase more. But if you've exercised this skill to great effect well why wouldn't you want to continue using your new skills. So I guess I am saying your innate love and new found clothing skills mean you want to keep it up. And that doesn't seem unreasonable to me.


enc said...

If my wardrobe was completely satisfactory, I'd probably move onto redoing my place. Sofa first!

Allure said...

I think it's impossible for a human to be satisfied. We always want more, and create necessities.

Duchesse said...

If I was 100& satisfied (and never gained or lost weight) I would spend all my money on jewelery- it IS my thing.

So I'm curious whether the ring was pearl, a June birthstone.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, allure! and duchesse! create necessities and, in my case, I would branch out anyway - into jewellery most probably.

editor said...

carlene, i like the distinction between consumer and collector. i guess i'm the latter now. ;)

Sal said...

What a fabulous question! And superfab responses, too.

This winter I found that I had checked everything off my little running wish list, and couldn't think of a damn thing more that I needed to complete my wardrobe. It was simultaneously satisfying and frightening.

But clothing, ya know? They make new kinds every season. And the catalogs and e-mails flowed in, and quickly spawned new wish lists.

However, having what feels like a complete wardrobe allows me to shop more selectively. Since I feel I have a wonderfully solid base, I can keep my existing pieces in mind while choosing new items to complement and enhance my basics.

landis smithers said...

i think you beat yourself up too much about this. i really do.

life throws enough challenge in our way to sweat the things that bring us genuine joy. resigned to a love of fashion? at some point i think culture is starting to accept that fashion is simply consumerized art, adornment is simply art with a price tag that is actually accessible (largely) to the masses.

so, collector or amasser, you are a connoiseur of clothing.

and that's OK.

stop with the flogging. back to the blogging.

editor said...

landis, i do, i do (figuratively) beat myself up about it, even though i absolutely DO view it just as you say (so eloquently) above.