one year

while you were cozily tucked in your bed last night, head nestled comfortably on a pillow, having, i hope, peaceful dreams, i sneakily turned one year older. bet you didn't even notice.
just like me, this blog is also a gemini.
after a year of anything, it's fair to stop and ask, how are we doing so far? so if you feel like it, please let me know.
this blog started when i ended my first blog, a project demonstrating, through daily photographs, how many unique combinations could be made with 34 pieces of clothing, a practice in less-is-plenty. by the time the blog reached more-than-enough combinations, i was sick of those 34 pieces, but not because of their limitations - it was the goal to not repeat a combination that got me down.
i did learn that a small wardrobe suits me fine, and that i am very happy to repeat pieces or combinations within a matter of days. yet i still look and lust and shop (not always with satisfying results). so i segued from exploring my wardrobe to exploring my shopping habits (motivations, inspirations, influences, inhibitions, patterns, etc. etc.) with retail recovery. i'm a word and image girl though, so all along i've toyed around with a series of side blogs that let me play with pictures, most recently with pencil and paint on Up and Down Town. that blog has been a little neglected recently due to work and possibly wacky vision - and now a touch of the flu. but i am entirely committed to maintaining it and expect to put up a new post in a day or two. i appreciate the enthusiasm some have shown for that project.
anyway, back to clothes - i'm attempting a third blog now and i can't decide if it's of any value to anyone besides myself - so if you have thoughts about it, please write them here under this post (the new blog will not have comments). a reminder (to myself) ( is a space where i can focus on, through photographs, what i already have, and a. remember that it's probably more than i even need, and b. see if and where any real spaces might be, so that my purchases can actually fill them. so it's essentially a scrap book of what i have - an extension of the "minimal shopping for maximum satisfaction" maxim printed under the title of this blog - a philosophy in action, if you will. any value to making it a public blog? i'm not sure of that yet.

retail recovery will continue to be updated nearly every day, up and down town should get back on track with posts on most week days, and a reminder (to myself) will be updated just 2 or 3 times a week.


Carlene said...

Happy Birthday! Oh, you know I love all your blogs. They are my favorite blogs (except for my own). The new one looks great already. (I can't imagine why you would need to be reminded about the yellow cuff though.) Yes, Show Us Your Stuff!


Oh, and

~*~* Happy Birthday ~*~*

p.s. I love the pin on the truck photo. It's a truck, right?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
I love your blogs too and would appreciate seeing more of your wardrobe. I think it's a great idea to examine what you have (and have forgotten about!) and work out what is missing. At the moment I'm trying to do that and have found the simple addition of a black and a white cardigan has increased my options.

Sara said...

Happy happy birthday!
I love this blog and was so glad to have found it. I love the juxtaposition of photos and your thoughts, but also that you encourage comments (and get them). I love following the story in pictures that you're telling on your other blog, and this new blog would definitely be a daily read for me. I, too, have recently begun to analyze my wardrobe, its "holes" and its overlaps. I weigh the need versus the want all the time. I know this new blog would continue my own thinking and look at it differently, too.

Again, happy birthday!

landis smithers said...

wow. you busy.

-h of candid cool said...

go for it! i already like that 1st reminder ensemble

fashionaddict said...

You have a truly organised mind. Always nice to have a glimpse into a wardrobe, especially a well-edited one.

And happy birthday!

Iheartfashion said...

You ARE busy! 3 blogs.
You share my mom's birthday-hope it was a happy day!

Anonymous said...

I love all your blogs, they are truly inspiring, not least because they are the perfect antidote to the theme of 'buy more' and throwaway fashion in women’s media. Your blogs are a treat to visit everyday!

I wonder will you include coats and jackets? Would love to see your collection of those!

Happy birthday -- hope you got something nice!

Kira Fashion said...


i am also gemini, both, me and my blog!
a kiss,
lets exchange links?
i hope so,
see you,

Times of Glory said...

Happy Birthday! You have amazing blogs! Very inspiring and interesting! You can really see through fashion (and related world) a lot! If you have time, and can do another blog that you love, go for it! I'm sure you can make it fabulous!

Allure said...

I like your blog because it makes me think about: the way I dress, the amount of clothes I buy, the colours I wear and how they're related to my mood,and many other things.

I'm willing to see your new project.

editor said...

carlene - yes, it's a truck. :)

sara, solemn cat - that is just the encouragement i needed. thank you.

polly - wow, thank you. i'm so glad to know that there is an appetite for what i'm doing!

landis - should i tell you my secret? my secret for finding so much extra time in my day? (i'll whisper it... no tv - i mean i have one, but i don't watch it.)

-h - there will only be one post on the blog at a time, and each new pic will bump a previous one to the archive but then they will all be available under "remember to enjoy" to the left of the page, in their various categories. so as of now, there are 6 posts on that blog already.

fashionaddict - good thing my mind is organized, because my side of the bedroom surely is not! :)

iheart - i'm trying to stop myself from running one more. :p

kira - yay geminis! my blog roll here is only of sites i frequent every day, or close to it. so it takes a while to grow it (as has been noted, my extra free time is already pretty busy).

times of glory, allure - thank you!

Duchesse said...

Wanted to be sure you receive my thanks whether comment is posted or not. (Some seem to vanish en route.)

RR is provocative and evocative, appreciate the images, words and stimulation. Happy birthday too.

Imelda Matt said...


So this weekend I was going to organize my blog role and with 3 blogs on the hop you require your own category! I enjoy both RR and Up/Down for very different reasons. RR makes me think about my habits (or lack of) whilst I enjoy U/T as it's the most unique style diary I've come across.

The only feedback is keep doing what your doing because I love it ALL!!!

BTW - How do you find the time?

enc said...


I hope you will go ahead with this new blog idea. It looks cool. It sounds like a good meditation on ideas.

I really miss uadt, and hope it will return.

Good luck with all your projects, and I hope you are well and happy.

enc said...

Duh, I forgot to mention that retail recovery is one of my favorite reads because it's intelligent, thought-provoking, and tasteful. I admire your work here.

In Yr Fshn said...

Happy belated blogday! I will be following you to the new place. I always enjoy what you do here...

Jill said...

Congratulations! I've been a bit of a lurker, but I really think this new blog is fantastic, and I had to tell you so. Hopefully that reminder to yourself will rub off on me.

landis smithers said...

i am being denied access to "a reminder"

i will try not to take this personally.