t-shirt arrived. i think it may be the first item i've ever bought that was "made in austalia." that would mean that this t-shirt has the farthest point-of-origin (PoO) out of all of my clothes.

labels aside, my three favorite items (at the moment) were made in japan, romania and bangladesh.

what is the farthest flung PoO in your closet?

how close to home is your favorite item of clothing's PoO?


Carlene said...

Farthest flung: I have a wedding gown from 1911.

Favorite item's PoO: I think it's from Turkey. (shearling coat...it's in storage)

enc said...

Farthest Flung Geographically? Probably Cambodia.

Favorite Item: Tossup between Italy and Dominican Republic. The Italian items (Prada drivers) win out for distance, but the DR item takes the gold for wear frequency. It's a t-shirt from Old Navy, if you can believe that.

greying pixie said...

Farthest flung: Australia - wool that is shipped to Scotland or Italy and spun into yarn. Then bought by me.

Favourite item's PoO: my studio in my back garden where I knit up the woollen yarns into garments for myself and for clients.

fashionaddict said...

Los Angeles is pretty far from Singapore, so my current favourite item of clothing (an American Apparel skirt) would be one.

A favourite T-shirt was made in Romania (a country I know so little about that I can barely visualise it); a vintage bag (probably from the 70s) made in Prague (at least, according to the man who sold it to me in Prague).

Imelda Matt said...

my vintage mink wrap (yes for real, sometimes a fella like's to play Diana Ross), it's made in Siberia!

Alexandreena said...

Hmmm...My wardrobe is fairly worldly so I would have to actually plot it on a map and see what is furthest. I have some pashminas I got in Tibet, so maybe those.

As for my favourite item,it's probably from Italy or France. Boring.

Times of Glory said...

It is such an interesting post! I cannot figure out.... but guess it'd be some t-shirts from japan xxxxxxxx

-h of candid cool said...

Farthest locations: I’ve got Romania, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and a caftan tunic that a friend brought me from her country, Ghana.

My favorites are mostly made in China, Italy, or Spain.

landis smithers said...

ironically, a windbreaker i bought in hong kong, by a designer from los angeles.