Carry on

  1. more tops, fewer bottoms
  2. use what you have
  3. a great haircut can compensate for a lot
  4. shoes make a big difference
  5. i always end up wanting an accessory
  6. ..
  7. ..
  8. ..
don't mind me, i'm just making a list of things that i am reminded of when i travel. you see, even with my wardrobe reduced to a microcosm of my daily closet options, i find that i fall into the exact same patterns that i do at home. i approach my choices the same way, have the same aggravations, etc. and usually, on the last day of a trip, i try to remember (never with an actual list - i'm not personally much of a list-maker) what i liked and disliked about my packing choices, or how they added or subtracted from my trip so that i can do a better job next time. my mental list lasts ... maybe barely through customs and then all is lost, so that i will surely be just as stumped when i face the prospect of packing my last bag as i was over 2 weeks ago. and i suspect that there are lessons here for my "real life" too.

do you learn anything about your style, strengths or weaknesses, when you travel?


Caitlin said...

I never realize how much of what I wear daily is dictated by my mood until I travel and realize I hate everything I packed because now my mood is different.

enc said...

I always learn something; most of the time, the lesson is about something I was really happy I took along. I'm lucky that way.

fashionaddict said...

Haha I learnt of my incredible capacity for wearing the same things over and over again, without being sick of them.

And I agree about the haircut. When I take an extended trip - say 6 weeks - the first thing that starts pissing me off is the hair.

readysetfashion said...

i've learned wardrobe basics are all i need as long as my shoes are hot! i've been able to incorporate that rule in my everyday dressing.

Sal said...

I've learned that I am going to hem and haw, even with limited options. And than I'm happiest if I can bring many shoe options, even for a short trip!

landis smithers said...

ok, first,
your opening list is WORD FOR WORD
the top five wish list of the entire gay community, about the gay community.

think about it . . . there you go.

and yes. i have learned though this list helps:

1. pick three and only three colors.

2. navy always works. the best.

3. denim is over-rated.

4. ONE sweater is sufficient.

5. don't forget the blazer.

6. three pairs of shoes only.

there are more, but i suspect that's enough to absorb.

my work here is done.

editor said...

landis - the first one on your list, that's genius!

fashionaddict - i found out that i get bored if it's a longish trip. i guess one more thing to add to my list is "leave space for new purchases."

readyset and sal - among the things i had to cram into my suitcase going home were shoes. had only packed 2 pairs and bought an extra. 3, i've just learned, is the magic number. ;)

caitlin - it's true, very unpredictable moods, and if they change, but the choices haven't, it's bad news.

enc, you are lucky.

Iheartfashion said...

I always seem to pack things that I never wear at home, thinking I'll wear them on a trip, only to remember WHY I never wear them: uncomfortable, don't look right with anything I own, etc. And I agree with the three color rule: navy, yellow and black are my staples.

Duchesse said...

Black matte jersey. All I need to do unless it's over 28C. Then: sarong.