Fair trade

sometimes the pleasure gained from my various wardrobe acquisitions is a perfect anecdote to less pleasant details of life. i have the moments, of course, where i turn to shopping to release stress, or as a distraction, but independent of that, i get legitimate happiness from a few perfect items that i already own.

so imagine your favorite item, the piece that just sends you. something that can change your mood when you put it on, or even just admire it. now consider one of your daily aggravations, some stress or nuisance that ruins your mood.

if you could trade in your favorite item (clothing, accessory, jewelry) to eliminate the negative element, would you do it?


-h of candid cool said...

any aggravation im over by the next day at the max.

Anonymous said...

I'll be honest...I kind of like daily aggravations and stress. If I didn't have any problems or anxiety, how would I know how good it feels when I'm relaxed and happy? Plus, I've pretty much stopped getting happiness from things I buy because I am completely broke and it just makes me worry about money more. Buying stuff increases stress for me!

enc said...

Oh yes! Peace of mind means more to me than a piece of clothing.

But I do love my clothes. If only they had the power to make me happy.

Sal said...

Nah. Not for daily annoyances. They build character and make us more grateful for the serenity in our lives.

I happen to have an image of my treasured item from an old post, in case anyone is curious. Bought this during a visit to Tasmania, of all places.