Fine lines

tan lines, underwear lines, bra straps.

i recall a fellow dancer mocking me for wearing underwear with my leotard in our ballet class. i was all of 4 i think. the underwear showed along the edges of the leg, naturally. what on earth did it matter if my underwear was visible while i danced around my bear, for cryin' out loud?!

i have to admit, i never really developed an underwear phobia, so ripe already in this other kid's mind. i never wear underwear with a waistband higher than the one on my pants or skirt, and i guess i avoid clothing so tight so as to provide a virtual x-ray of my underwear, but i don't lose sleep over the thought of revealing lines and i don't buy stringy things to wear in lieu of underwear. the worst thing that could happen, i figure, is that someone might be able to ascertain merely from looking at me that i am someone who wears underwear. i'm really okay with that type of a reputation.

a few weeks prior to the wedding i went to a short while ago, i became a bit conscious of the footwear-to-be. i was going to wear very open, strappy flats to the wedding. but i was spending my summer days often, though not exclusively, in converse high tops, and short sun dresses. you can see quite clearly i was facing a tan-line dilemma. in the end i decided, (censored)! and while in the end there was no sharp contrasting color clash on my limbs (and i was glad of it), the threat of one did cross my mind.

after clothing is carefully picked,

do you go out of your way to address the other issues?


Alexandreena said...

Not really. I wish I could be one of those impeccably pulled together people, with no tan lines, no visible bra straps etc but it's not my nature . I tend to have bra straps showing all summer long, I've been known to wear hot pink bras under gray tops that are sort of see-through and not really be aware of that etc.
It's actually not bothering me all that much.

readysetfashion said...

hhmmm, interesting question....i think i addressed most of my wardrobe issues early on and my closet 'fixes' itself naturally....

Iheartfashion said...

I don't really worry about VPL; as you said, the worst one can infer is that I tend to wear underwear.
I remember the argument for thongs being that they didn't create panty lines, but I find that if a person is not model-thin it's usually painfully obvious when they are wearing a thong. I was walking behind a substantial woman yesterday wearing paper-thin jersey culottes and she would have been better served with proper undies.

materfamilias said...

Not so much. Like you, I take reasonable measures, but I think we can get pretty silly with our need to take a virtual airbrush to ourselves. When my daughters were in their late teens, early twenties, I remember one of them commenting that I should use toenail polish, 'cause bare nails were, apparently, gross (and altho' I didn't do pedicures at the time, I did keep nails neetly trimmed, feet clean, etc.). Now I get pedicures regularly because I've come to enjoy them and can finally afford them, but really, I think the toes we were born with should be fine too! (I know, not quite what you're talking about, but seems connected to me, at least) -- if varying tanlines were acquired in the course of living, so be it; they shouldn't have to be cleaned up or covered up to make an outfit work (altho' you might have to field a comment or two if they're glaringly obvious -- a good conversation starter ;-)

Sal said...

It depends on the occasion - dinner party versus outdoor art fair - but generally, nah.

Times of Glory said...

I think about this more when I purchase them. I mean, I try to buy the easy going ones, so they make my life a bit easier xxx

Anonymous said...

I bought a dress in a half price sale, which I had loved months before the sale. I knew that finding a suitable bra would be a problem - the plunging neckine and low cut underarm area. But I decided then and there that I would make an effort to find something.

Said effort was extremely time consuming. Think hours in underwear depts taking on and off the dress so many times it would need a dry clean before the wedding I was going to wear it to as a bridesmaid.

So despite the beauty of the item and that I had loved it before it was half price the underwear saga made me seriously doubt the value of having purchased it.

I suppose yr question is whether I think I could have gone with bra exposed...well I guess for this occasion I felt not. But while it looked great on the day [I had to visit a specialist underwear lady] I will either be more cautious about purchases in future or less strict about exposures!