in the 13th century, the famous thomas aquinas (aka saint thomas aquinas) wrote, "if a thing can be done adequately by means of one, it is superfluous to do it by means of several." but the proverb "cleanliness is next to godliness", seems to trump auinas' logic in my bathroom, since i have, at the moment, seven conditioners in rotation. i rely daily on exactly 3 separate products for my face, and three others for my shower routine, yet my "medicine" cabinet is full of far more than 6 items total. it's not a total mess, but it could use some sorting, and i know for sure that there are unused items lingering in there.

i gathered a small number of items from my closet this weekend (i do not know how i can continue to find unwanted and unused items when i swear, i don't have that much to begin with) and took them to the usual thrift store where i got $35.98 for the bundle. a fair exchange for things i had no use for, but i kind of think that by taking them out of my closet, i am losing the warning/lessons they held. they were reminders of mistakes, and keeping the reminders might have staved off a repeat of the mistakes. of course getting rid of the evidence is more appealing, so off they went.

now i really need to go through my bathroom, but without the cash incentive, i am definitely less motivated. i always hold on to travel-size products, and then never pack them when the times comes because they are too big or too small for the length of trip ahead of me, or else i'm not in the mood to use them. why keep them then? my modest collection of non-essential toiletries makes me wonder if i've been similarly lax in my closet purge?

1. would you rather keep past mistakes around if their presence guaranteed never repeating the mistake again?

2. does the state of your medicine cabinet in any way correspond to your closet?


Alexandreena said...

I tend to get rid of my mistakes. My excellent memory ensures I won't be repeating them anyways.

Both my cabinet and my closet are minimal and things I don't love tend to be purged out of both extra-fast. So, yes, they mirror each other.

Sal said...

I cast off my mistakes, but never forget them. Well, I guess I should amend that by saying that I shop where I donate, and often gravitate toward items I've donated when thumbing through the racks. But I certainly never buy them back, and learn good lessons from my castoffs.

My closet is far tidier than my medicine cabinet, and holds far fewer extraneous items. I, like you, hoard travel sized hotel freebies and NEVER use them!

Duchesse said...

I purge mistakes, sometimes taking them to a charity shop or murdering them with scissors if no one should be seen in them.

A friend of mine was a hotelier and she told me only hicks took the toiletries with them- that stopped me for good.

editor said...

^^duchesse, i actually meant travel size products that i purchase at a store or receive as a gwp, but i absolutely have taken home the products supplied for me by a hotel if i've liked them. if that makes me a hick in your friend's eyes, i'm very glad i don't know her.

alexandreena, i envy your memory and your minimalism - i think by most standards, i qualify as having a small/edited wardrobe, but not by my own standards.

sal, that is really funny, cruising by your past mistakes on the racks. i'd be insane enough to buy back my stuff (i mean i could see it happening once maybe). i'm going to go toss some toiletries now.

-h of candid cool said...
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-h of candid cool said...

1. get rid of it.
2. no. im being good, i dont want to buy any new product until i finish the old one. however, my mother has TONS and TONS of unused (esp. hair care) products its ridiculous.

fashionaddict said...

1) I keep my mistakes, especially if they are beautiful, but simply unsuitable mistakes. To remind myself not to be tempted by something lovely, but not quite me. Sometimes, when the right person comes along, I make a gift out of it.

2) It's waaay more tightly edited. Mainly because I imagine such products have a use-by date and I don't want to use a one-year-old product on my body. So I only have what I need. Interesting comparison.

Times of Glory said...

1) I don't want to say I keep my mistakes, but that's the truth. It is very rare that I completely get rid of them unless they are seriously terrible. However, if any of my mate loves it, they can have them without problem. At least I know that they have been worn.

2) Ummmmmm, I do have some vitamins that I buy but cannot keep up, but the medicine cabinet is much better than my closet in general xxxx

enc said...

1. Nope, I'd like to get rid of them. Retail Regrets mock me from my closet. (No, I don't hear voices, so don't ask.)

2. Probably. I haven't thought about doing this in ages.

[sound of footsteps walking away from computer toward bathroom . . .]

Songy said...

oh that are just painful questions to answer.

1. No... no .. yes. Yes. I will have to. I just can't get rid of any.

2. Yes. They are equally messy.