Made to order

i have this ring, i found it in a design store - i don't know what else to call it. the owners curated a wide range of objects ranging from tea pots to candelabras, and the range included vintage items and brand new pieces. everything in there oooooozed cool design. and the prices were very unpredictable. $400 for a vintage glass pitcher, $12 for a new stapler, $70 for a beautiful end table.

so my ring, it looks like a glob of vanilla. it's a big glob. i remember circling the display that held it several times, unable to walk away. it wasn't anything i had thought of getting before, just a spontaneous, "hello gorgeous" moment. these moments are always bigger than i am, and they have 3 possible outcomes. well, 2 outcomes really (either i buy it or i don't), but 3 explanations. either the item is prohibitively expensive (that stops me most of the time), it doesn't fit, or it's perfect. willpower cannot be depended on. i figured it was harmless to look at the ring because i could count on price or fit ruling it out if need be.

it fit perfectly and was reasonably priced. reasonable to someone infatuated is a highly subjective value, but fit is fact. and the fact that this glob fit my "cute, fat fingers" as my mom calls them (i will unnecessarily and vainly add that my hands don't really match my overall body, but i very much like them because they are good strong hands, and hands are for doing. but i digress), was a total surprise. vintage fingers must have been very very tiny because vintage rings certainly are. usually. this glob, the owner could tell me nothing about, other than it made the cut and was worthy of their shop. probably something from the 60s or 70s. i guess the hippies had fat hands. this glob fits all my fingers, which never ever happens, and i love that. so this singular ring feels totally made for me, even though it wasn't. it's not the same as jeans that we break in and make our own. or an item that we build a history into by attributing its patina to a series of experiences we've had while wearing it. this one was mine before i even paid the price.

do you own anything that felt meant for you?
are there details or features that clinched it for you?

per request, my ring - found it impossible to get an accurate picture though:


-h of candid cool said...

i want to see this glob of vanilla ring.

yes i feel i do own something made for me. my dior homme jakes, my life changed in that fitting room. imagine the most perfect fitting pair of jeans ever, they fit me better than any women's jeans ive ever owned.

Carlene said...

No, I have nothing like that. I think I did when I was a young teenager, or at least felt I did, but not since then. I haven't given up hope, though.

Sal said...

I love moments like that. I have a black-and-white polka dotted a-line dress that actually made me gasp when I threw it on in the Savers dressing room. Even better that it set me back a mere $8.

MR style said...

god !! now i want to eat !! but how am i gonna loose my love handles !!

landis smithers said...

oh i love these rare and precious moments. i adore these rare and precious moments. "hello gorgeous" COULD NOT SUM IT UP BETTER.

(and then there's that exquisite pause when you wait for IT to see YOU . . .)

i don't have them often, but i've learned not to resist them. the ric owens leather jacket (cut like armor. weathered like a saddle. tight like skin.) in that hong kong store. the table in blackman cruz in los angles that said out loud "take me, and you will love me forever.". the moser bullet vase in gray glass on ebay that still gets hand carried only by me from room to room. they all have seduced their way into my life!

Times of Glory said...

Oh dear, I can be totally thrilled by that moment. I understand what you are saying. Whenever it happens, I'm praying to let me fit them... How sweet that ring is! The shape looks seriously cute xxxxxx