1. if you saw a runway collection exclusively featuring barefooted models, you would think ____

2. if you saw a runway collection exclusively featuring 40+year old models, you would think ____

3. if you saw a runway collection where models did their own hair and makeup, you would think ____


Carlene said...

1. I probably wouldn't even notice.

2. I'd think YAY!!...then I'd think, how can I get a gig like that?

3. I would love to see that, but again, would I notice?

Sal said...

1. Yay.

2. Yay.

3. I'm with Carlene: Doubt I'd notice.

erica said...

1. wonderful
2. heck why not?
3. probably wouldn't notice unless there was zero cohesiveness.

enc said...

1. Nothing in particular.

2. "This is great! . . . but am I supposed to think these clothes are only for the over-40s?"

3. "This is great! Just like the old days!"

a. said...

cool, cool, cool!

drwende said...

1. Darn, this'll be hard to match with shoes.

2. Aha! Someone finally admits that it's the aging Boomers who can afford to buy this stuff.

3. [very little]