Earn it

i received a purse 5 years ago. last year i bought another from the same store. after 4 years, i bought with relative confidence. after one year with the new purse, there was a leeetle problem. color transfer. i brought the purse back, after a year, mind you, and they replaced it. decent service but some would say, and have said, that it shouldn't have happened in the first place. truthfully, it has given me pause. i will wait another 5(ish) years before considering another purse. this newer one will have to (re)earn my interest in the brand.

this wait and see approach, however, is not my typical m.o. it is easily enough practiced with something like a bag, which i regard as a staple, a standard, a regular, a recurring character, etc. but with other items, multiplication is the norm, and i don't wait a year to see if a pair of pants will be so indispensable as to warrant a second of the same. of course, that wouldn't be terribly practical anyway since it would be nearly (there are always exceptions) impossible to find the exact same pair of pants a year later even if i wanted to. but if i did have a pair that i loved, that brand would warrant priority investigation the following year, or whenever need arose for a replacement.

How long do you wait for a brand or store to earn your repeat business/loyalty?


fashionaddict said...

It usually just takes one good visit, but then it has to be consistently good (maybe for at least another 4 visits) for me to become a loyal customer. I don't necessarily have to have bought something each time, I just have to have enjoyed myself browsing at least.

enc said...

I have to fall in love with an item, and that's enough. If there's anything I've learned, it's get multiples when you love something, because they'll stop making them.

I'm sorry to hear about your purse. That's disappointing, and it shouldn't have happened in the first place. What I like, however, is that the store took it back.

indigo16 said...

Test number one. Does it look as good after it has been screwed up in the bottom of a carrier bag as it did before.
Test number two. How does it wash and wear.
Test number three. Does the shop consistently grab me, and make me want to try things on.
Test number four. Does it have a user friendly returns policy.
The ast is especially important since I mostly buy with very little time and/or with a 7 year old. I need time to reflect.
Good service is priceless.

Iheartfashion said...

I'll become loyal after the purchase of 2 or 3 really great items, but not blindly loyal. If something disappoints me (like a recent-not cheap-Tod's bag that broke after about 6 uses, and the retailer refused to do anything about it) I'll never be back. For the money, I expect to be able to carry a bag for years.

landis smithers said...

there are some really interesting rules of thumb in retail about customer loyalty.

for instance:

in the beginning, only ONE good experience is required for a repeat visit. and that visit typically will happen soon after the first.

once established, a customer will remain loyal UNLESS they have three bad experiences in a row. then, seriously, you have lost them.

regaining a customer is harder than getting a new one, and it takes up to five repeat visits to regain loyalty again.

the things i learned at my last job . . . fascinating.

Anonymous said...

If I purchase something that I really love the store or brand instantly becomes a new stop on my browsing/shopping map.

I do have to agree with indigo16 definitely about wash and wear as a driver for loyalty. I only recently washed a top by a particular brand which I didn’t contemplate purchasing again until I saw how it washed. I think you can tell the truth about whether a brand is worth it after it has been washed.