Feel the burn

some positively honest answers yesterday.
quite often i rationalize that someone who doesn't want things is quite lucky. not wanting things is very different from buying what you want. in the latter, there is still want.
people with far more money than i have do still experience want. sometimes i take comfort in this, since it's easy to think "oooooo, if i had $X, i could buy Y" and feel as though the $ solution would solve something. but in truth, there would still be want, in which case, i'm as wealthy as a rich counterpart.
but i realized the other day that i like to keep lust alive and well in my heart. i find things that are out of reach to adore and obsess over. i don't have to. i could easily aim lower and achieve contentment. but with these things, it's about enjoying the fixation. i like to marvel at beauty, admire and study a design, daydream about possession. on the occasions when i've been lucky enough to buy the things i was lusting after, i've had to replace the want of those things with a want for something else, so that i could continue to good pain of lust.
in movies, there are different stages to a kiss - i've always thought that the best most absolutely perfect moment was... well, no, there are actually 2 really great parts in my opinion - one, the pursuit of it, and two, the second right before it happens.
the items i enjoy and value the most are ones i anticipated, hoped for, coveted, and eventually got.

at what level are you most comfortable wanting?


enc said...

I like wanting when there's no chance of having. It's final. It's defined. It's finite.

landis smithers said...

i love wanting when it's just within reach, but not smart.

it forces the dialog around need vs. want, it makes the wanting real, not insane, and it keeps the blood pumping.

Sal said...

I enjoy wanting when I know there will be eventual having. As in something I adore, can afford, and am actively saving toward.

But I can get on enc's train, too. It's fun to lust after things that are ridiculously out-of-reach. Anything that falls between, where you want it and could make it happen but not wisely, makes me miserable.

Allure said...

I like it when I know I can buy it, but I shouldn't do it. Then, I ask everyone for approval.

Sara said...

I love to want something that I believe I one day will acquire. It makes me dream about owning it and imagine the kind of person I will be at that point in my life.

But as you said, the want is endless then and will keep shifting higher and higher. Hopefully personal success will follow the same path, so I guess there is a good thing in always wanting what's just out of reach.

Duchesse said...

I like wanting as a meditation, on who I think I am and who I think I need to be. Both are simply thoughts.

-h of candid cool said...

i have an answer now,
i like to want when i have the money. (but that's usu when i cant find anything)
and i absolutely hate wanting when my budget is very very tight, i feel like its a race against the clock to have it before it sells out.