Fashion Idyll

i know we wear clothing for our day, but what if you could pick a day for your clothes?

an ideal day in clothes for me would entail waking up early, but without an alarm clock. waking up because i'm done sleeping and ready to go.
get dressed right away.
have breakfast.
oh, i should add that it's cool outside, in the 60s, and very very cloudy.
go out for a slow, aimless walk, passing by stores with displays that intrigue me but do not seduce.
stop in a cafe where someone has left a fantastic magazine or paper at an empty table, and i enjoy it over lunch but leave it there when i'm done. (the genius here is that i don't have to carry it around.)
walk home slowly.
a strong rainstorm starts just after i get inside, and it lasts throughout the evening and night.
i climb into bed for a nap.
wake up.
have dinner.
take a shower.
watch the rain for a long long time.
have dessert.
go to bed.

to wear your very favorite things, what type of day would you structure?


Sara said...

My day would be sunny and about 65 to 70 degrees, would involve a walk through Central Park, through Barneys (just to look) and then over to the MoMA for art and lunch in their cafe. Then window table at a coffee shop with a good book or a great idea to write about for a few hours.

The outfit - my favorite greyed-teal Merino wrap dress and soon-to-be-discovered black boots.

You have made me excited for autumn just thinking about this!

erica said...

My day would be overcast, 50 degrees, Friday. I would wake up whenever, walk to school, get a few books from the library and catch up on paperwork, then hop on the T to go to the South End for a little shopping. I would then walk back to Newbury St., stop at Barneys and Stels, and then take the bus home. In the evening I would go out for sushi with my husband, come home, feed the cats, and read a book.

Crucial factors for wearing my favorite outfit would be: crisp autumn day (no rain, no sun), and no bicycling (potential grease marks on clothing.

I would wear: Burberry trench, plaid button down, and jeans tucked into boots.

Songy said...

my day will be at least 20c or above. anything below is just unpleasant for me.

It will have to be slightly overcast so that I can wear my black numbers.
I shouldn't be asked to walk about or stand for a long time as I will be wearing my black stiletto boots. :)

I'll talk to my favourite friends and sip some tea and talk more. Blog some.. find more interesting blogs (just the way I did then to find you)... go out shopping a little and find some more black pieces.

Dinner.. it will have to be nicely grilled stake or fish with steamed greens. please don't tempt me with that dessert menu garcon. I don't do sweets!

oh well only if my life is that simple and elegant. I'm in my trakkies and 'nana' cardi.

was good tho.. :)

Fashion Addict said...

this was a cute post! I guess I don't really have an ideal day, but I love warm weather, but not too hot.

BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?

enc said...

My ideal day is a long walk through NYC with Mr.OM. (We live there in this scenario.) The temperature is about 40F, I've got comfy—but not ugly—shoes on.

We walk for block after block, talking companionably, stopping to look into this window or that one. We hit the store that sells purple haircolor, buy some, then find someplace for lunch. Linger over coffee. Set out again, in the direction of a museum, where we spend three hours taking in the art.

Set out again, toward home. When we arrive, we take off our shoes, put our feet up, and order in a curry.

Curry arrives, is inhaled, and we settle in for "This is Spinal Tap."

Night night.