1. true or false, if someone offered you two times whatever you paid for it, you would sell them your favorite item of clothing. three times?

2. when you change out of the first outfit you put on in favor of an alternative ensemble, the number one reason that makes you want to change in the first place is ______.

3. if you have three pairs of shoes that could go with an outfit, you will most often choose the pair that is ______.

4. which would you rather, have a boutique near you closed down, or have a specific boutique open up (near you)?

ps i haven't had time to respond to comments the way i would like to, but i do read every single one and they always give me something to think about. thank you.


enc said...

1. Nope, my clothes have sentimental value. I think this might make me weird, but sobeit.

2. I felt uncomfortable in the first outfit, not like "me." Alternative: I wasn't in the mood.

3. Out of the box and accessible.

4. Open up.

ps: It's good to know you're there!

-h of candid cool said...

1. um it depends on the item. but its hard for me to part with certain things, the sentimental value.

2. mood.

3. python. (explains why i busted the lift already...)

4. new one open up

Sister Wolf said...

Why would anyone want a boutique near them to close down? Is this a trick question?

pretty face said...

1. No way! If it's my favourite item, I would probably be willing to pay the 2x in the first place. But I don't understand the last sentence of this one.

2. I don't like it? Probably I'd never worn the outfit before, so I didn't realise it wouldn't look so good, or I decide it;s too dull.

3. Most unsuitable! I'm terrible with shoes.

4. I don't understand - there's no competition here. Option 2 please!

Thanks, that was a fun Q&A. I'm going to go read more of your posts now as a method of procrastination (plus it looks good :) )

indigo16 said...

1. Oh very true, the grass is always greener for me. Any excuse to spend.
2. It looks horrible, feels wrong, and does not make me want to stroll down to the Marais.
3. Comfortable
4. Closed down, credit crunch is here and I do not need any temptation near me.

Carlene said...

1. Oh no. 3x my favorite item is...a lot. I might think about it. Yep, I just might.

2. Very good question. I had to actually put myself in the situation. Discomfort, usually with proportion.

3. I would most often choose the pair that is chucks.

4. Right next to Starbucks in walking distance, please.

Luce said...

1. hmmm.... probably not. Because it's just so perfect i couldn't bear to part with it.

2. It began to rain. hahaha.

3. Shiny

4. Open up. Although i wouldn't mind having the wig salon down the road from me closed down. ew.

fashionaddict said...

1) No. Unless I really needed the money (like, if I got laid off and am living on the streets). Even so, 3x the price wouldn't fetch me much, hahaha.

2) I just didn't feel like it.

3) The ones I deem the most "fail-safe" and love to death.

4) Open up.

Caitlin said...

1. I get most of my clothes at thrift stores...the most someone could probably pay me for any of my clothes is $30. So no, definitely not.
2. It looks totally different in my head than it does in person.
3. The cutest! ^_^
4. Open up. Come to Gainesville, H&M!

K.Line said...

You have so many great questions, you're just quadrupling them up now, Editor!

1. Just call me a whore (or a high priced call girl) - I'd sell for 4 times what I paid. Unless it was something beyond irreplaceable - in which case, no dice. (That would constitute less than 5% of my wardrobe.)

2. I fee fat.

3. most comfortable

4. why, open up, natch! :-)

a. said...

1 - FALSE. they could offer me 10x (it's a second-hand polyester top from the 70s i got for probably $8) and i still wouldn't. no way!

2 - comfort.

3 - totally depends on the occasion. for work - comfort. for going out - stylishness/cuteness/sexiness.

4 - the first. and it just happened... there was a slightly overpriced, poorly-run lingerie boutique near my house that just closed down and i'm superexcited to visit the shop that's opened up in its place!

Alexandreena said...

1: yes, for twice what I paid for it. I don't have a sentimental attachment to many things,and really, they're replaceable.

2: usually comfort.

3: highest

4: new one open up. My neighborhood is severely lacking in shopping venues.

Sal said...

1. Nope. Never.

2. Unsightly fabric bulges.

3. Best suited to the amount of walking I'll do that day.

4. New one open up. It's pretty quiet around these parts ...

Allure said...

1.- No way

2.- I don't feel like wearing it

3.- Red

4.-New open up

Anonymous said...

1. That’s difficult. I don’t think I would
2. Not being comfortable and knowing this will translate to how I appear or interact. Particularly if it’s something quite social.
3. The pair I bought for that outfit.
4. Have a specific boutique open up

Jessica said...

1. Goodness no! Unless I could still find it somewhere on eBay for much less its retail value. Then I could use the rest of the money toward a new favorite outfit...

2. Something just doesn't feel "right" about wearing it that day.

3. has the highest heel!

4. a new boutique open up! I need more options around here.

dreamecho said...

1. i have a few faves, but for the first one that comes to mind: no -- no way. it's one of a kind, handmade and one of my most cherished things ever.

2. i guess i'd say poor proportion/silhouette...but it's nearly tied with poor color combo and poor texture combo.

3. i'd choose the pair that best suits the weather.

4. i'm not sure if i get this question. the second option, i guess?