1. if you're going to bump into a much-hated enemy, which would you prefer, that you both look awful or you both look phenomenal?

2. you get up to the counter with an item you have decided to buy and discover that it costs 50% more than you thought it did (was erroneously placed on a 33%-off sale rack). do you still buy it?

3. for a job interview, would you rather mispronounce the interviewer's name, or be dressed much better than she is?


-h of candid cool said...

1) both look phenomenal, only because i'll look phenomenal
2) the new me, wouldnt buy it
3) been dressed better (ive been interviewed by someone in juicy couture sweats before)

Anairam said...

1) Both phenomenal - because I can always persuade myself that I look MORE phenomenal!
2) Probably not - I buy most of my clothes on sales, so the thing that attracted me in the first place was probably the price.
3) Dressed much better - that is such a subjective thing anyway & the interviewer will probably not be offended. But it is likely that they will be if you mispronounce their name! (I've personally never understood why people are so precious about their names, but it seems many are ...)

erica said...

1. both look phenomenal
2. buy it. well, i shouldn't, but i've done it in the past.
3. dressed better, but still appropriate to the position that i'm applying for.

Alexandreena said...

1: both look phenomenal
2: most likely not buy it.
3: dressed better for sure.

Sara said...

1. I'd rather we both be dressed awfully because it would be unexpected - it might help me to see that person in a new light (and maybe laugh a lot)

2. if I loved it, I'd buy it; if not, I hope the new shopping me wouldn't be at the register with it at any price

3. dressed better because it shows I'm serious (although this has happened to me, and it made the interviewer - who was also about a decade younger than I was - very awkward); no matter how well you're dressed, if you mispronounce your interviewer's name, you just don't look very good

Anonymous said...

1. Both look phenomenal - that would melt the feeling of enemy from my mind, a negative feeling, if only for a brief while.

2. i probably wouldn't buy it. i'm budget conscious.

3. i'd rather look better dressed than the interviewer. the interviewer may not notice that i'm better dressed, however, if i mispronounced her name, it would be quite evident!



Sal said...

Your brain amazes me. Daily.

1. Both look phenomenal.
2. No.
3. Be dressed much better. Fo sho.

Gretta said...

1. Both phenomenal - this is quite timely as my 20-yr high school reunion is coming up and my ex-best friend is refusing to respond to my olive-branch-email. I still hope she looks fab.

2. Only if I was so in love with it that I planned to wear it out of the store - otherwise, put it back.

3. Be much better dressed. Because I'm gracious like that;)

landis smithers said...

1. both look phenomenal. why? because if there's going to be a HUGE catfight ending in a wrestling match in a fountain, it HAS to start with shoulder pads and lots of bob mackie. (that was a dynasty reference.)

2. old me? buy it out of pride. new me? wait until it goes on sale. probably. just how cute is this thing?

3. be better dressed. because honestly, most of the time, if someone's dressed worse than you are, do they really know? no. and i may as well feel great, even if they don't look so good.

drwende said...

1. Both phenomenal, because this increases the likelihood that the rest of the day will go well.

2. Probably not.

3. Be better dressed. The interviewer might not notice or care about my being better dressed, but she's sure to notice that I mangled her name.

Duchesse said...

a. I'd like to look phenom for ANY person! Hate makes me ugly. How the other person looks is out of my hands. Holding an image of any person as an 'enemy' is a way of living I seek to free myself from.

b. Do I love it? I'd take it unless it plunges me into eating toast for a month.

c. Dressed better; you are expected to dress up for an interview. Mispronouncing name- you have not prepared.

Iheartfashion said...

1. both look phenomenal
2. Depends how crazy for it I am.
3. I'd rather be dressed better, because, as Landis said, the interviewer won't necessarily know anyway. Unless it's a case of me being very dressed up and the interviewer is in sweats...but I'd still rather be the better dressed one and try to raise the bar a little in the office.

enc said...

1. Awful. I have nothing to prove. If I looked phenomenal, s/he'd probably think I looked cr@p anyway—we're enemies, right? (I'm being rebellious here.)

2. Probably. I'm sure I convinced myself that the price was the best feature of this item in the first place, so it's definitely not worth it now.

3. Dressed better. I'm far more humiliated by violating someone's name than I am by violating someone's sense of fashion. Besides, "better" is relative.