Quick psa

just a few things to catch up on, respond to some comments left, etc.
mmmmmm, if i had a choice, in response to my last post, i think i would want prices ordered high to low. i have a feeling this would lead me to choose/want something more expensive rather than have me be grateful to find something in an affordable range though. but i would rather that than walking uphill, so to speak, in the price climb and get overwhelmed with the steep prices. shouldn't matter, i suppose, if the price range is the same in either scenario, but the mind is a mysterious thing.

as for the shorter trip i took last week, definitely it turned out (ah, hindsight!) that the unpredictable weather forecast and the unknown itinerary were the factors that left me totally at a loss as to what to pack.

a few bloggers left comments last month to tag me for a pass-along q&a tag thingamegig. love! love! love to be included/asked, but not sure this blog is the right venue for my off-topic musings (ha! current post notwithstanding). perhaps a future blog...

did i forget anything?

enjoy the rest of your weekend.


enc said...

Oh BOY, look at that photo!

uniformlady said...

look at those camel lashes!!!!!!