Random route

listening to a subway musician today, i wondered about her ambition and potential for success. with the right producer and promoter, would she be famous? there are a lot of successful singers with less talent who rise to the top...
i tend to prefer labels with a single designer, rather than a brand with a revolving door of nameless faces. i like a designer with a personal and consistent vision, a label that means something to him/her. something they built up from nothing.

do you think one of the world's greatest designers might be toiling away somewhere in obscurity, without enough assistance, determination or opportunities to be elevated?

do you think that in fashion, we are getting the best? most deserving of fame and accolades?


erica said...

i think we're seeing better work because of changes in the market and the emergence of online discussions about fashion. it's a tricky question because i feel that some who receive fame or accolades also use available funds to improve, while others ride on a few shiny logo encrusted handbags, allowing their production and design quality to nosedive.

plus, WHO is facilitating the accolades and fame? How are they connected with other people in the industry? What kind of power do they wield? How do you define the best?

Sal said...

Since you led into this by discussing music, my initial, emotional reaction was a big NO, the best talents get lost in the shuffle. But I realize that's the musician talking, not the fashion plate.

Erica's thoughtful comment made me realize that I just don't know. As an easily distracted person who always feels there are abundant items and styles to admire and covet, I've never thought that perhaps there are yet more hidden treasures, obscured to us by the politics of the fashion world.

Should I admit that? I sound like such a novice.

drwende said...

Music is actually a perfectly good comparison because both music and fashion are "long tail" industries: a handful of people make it REALLY big, and then there's a long tail of people who may be talented, but they're lucky to make a modest living.

The problem is, if you eliminate ambition and connections from the picture, how do you find the "best"?

Duchesse said...

Depends on your definition of the best. Prada's current lace collection is an operational definition. heirloom laces from a Swiss artisan, handled by the house with restraint and beautiful tailoring.

fashionaddict said...

I think there are plenty toiling in obscurity, but optimistically speaking, there are higher chances of people getting discovered and appreciated by others because information more easily available and pass around these days.

enc said...

I don't think shedloads of pure elbow grease or sticktuitiveness is any guarantee that masters will emerge form obscurity . . . look how many talented people go 'undiscovered.' It's a game of chance. I'm a cynic on this one.

I think it's a right place, right time thing.

Also, I think if one designs for a company, that person may never be found. One might be better served to go out on one's own, so that the individual's vision can be served, displayed, communicated in whatever way one desired.