designers have inspiration, have muses, have themes. they have their intentions, but then they send their ideas out on to the runway, and it's your turn to interpret their work, and decide what you see.

who is she, and where is she going?


Duchesse said...

Gallery owner going to see clients, then meeting sweetheart for late lunch- then off to airport to meet artist in Berlin.

landis smithers said...


she is my mother, on her way to visit her gallery for an installation, then to lunch with her younger boyfriend (behind her), before picking up art supplies and driving to the airport for a trip to limoges.

true story.

Sal said...

She's an art director at a small agency, headed to dinner with her architect husband.

enc said...

She's going to a funeral for a friend.

sorry, that was a bit morbid.

drwende said...

Head of investment fund specializing in entertainment-media related companies, taking her boytoy for a walk before an important meeting with the CFO of Warner Music Group, where said CFO is going to explain why they own no property equivalent to Guitar Hero.