Take a gamble

when i went to college, i was assigned a roommate that freshman year. i assumed that the computer's aim was to use the answers i provided in the questionnaire i filled out, to select, out of alllllll the incoming students in my year, the perfect roommate for me. custom-fit. hand-picked. the couture of roommate-dom.

or, come to think of it, maybe it selected us for one another because we were both liars, having misrepresented ourselves by saying wildly inventive things about ourselves on that questionnaire, choosing adjectives like quiet, studious, responsible. either way, it worked out great, love her to bits, wouldn't want to live without her now.

of these two, which would you prefer:

to have a wardrobe composed of items selected totally at random for you, and refreshed every 3 months


to keep your current wardrobe and live with it, unchanging, for 2 years?


landis smithers said...

mix it up.

challenge me.

make me work for it.

(otherwise, it's nap-time.)

-h of candid cool said...

i wish one day i could keep the same wardrobe unchanged for 2 yrs. So I'm going for that.

Tangent: I'm not even going to tally up how much ive spent on clothes this month alone... (such great deals with all the sales!!) but im proud to say that I genuinely LOVE what i bought.

Now, 1) i dont know where u find these pictures but i love that u do and 2) is that your eyes and platinum hair?

editor said...

1. i love when you say that.
2. it's me
and i have the same wish.

landis i am pleasantly surprised by your answer.

fashionaddict said...

I have a problem when people choose clothes for me (except for my sisters, who know what works for me), so the idea of a random selection makes me wince. It's keep my current wardrobe then.

(though I am intrigued by the idea of having something chosen for me, might make an interesting challenge, if it's not a permanent arrangement.)

Songy said...

I will have to go for the first option as long as there's a fixed term for it say a year or two?

It will be totally interesting!

enc said...

Oh no!

The side of me that wants to be adventurous wants to pick the top option.

The side of me that wants to acknowledge reality wants to admit that the second option is a better one for me.

Sal said...

I'd keep what I've got. Since I'm one of THOSE girls who is constantly rifling through my closet and unearthing brand new, never worn items, I think I'd do just fine with the current collection! Plus I'm too fussy and specific to let anyone else choose for me ...

Iheartfashion said...

I'll be adventurous and take the brand new, every 3 month option.