Bring it on

i had come to accept that i was not one to wear a belt. i gave up on belts. i no longer owned a belt.

yesterday i bought a belt.

would you rather (if you had a choice) make peace with items you are conflicted about by mastering them, or find a way to move on?


-h of candid cool said...

in a weird way sometimes u have to grow into it.

slowly but surely im beginning to learn how to master wearing my fabulous o-t-t printed pieces w/ the ease i wear tailored monochrome.

the way i put together clothes now, there's no way I could have been able to do 3 years ago w/o looking ridiculous. i wasnt ready.

i hope that makes some sort of sense...

(and ps. the picture captures this question perfectly as did the guy pushing/crying on his racecar in the last post)

erica said...

i hated belts because i don't like to feel constricted. now i'm trying them out because i need help defining my waist. they aren't entirely comfortable, but i'm excited by all the new wardrobe possibilities.

in general, though, if something makes me feel uncomfortable, i usually find a way to move on.

Sal said...

Make peace. I feel boring and stodgy often enough that learning to incorporated a previously loathed piece can be invigorating and exciting.

enc said...

I'd move on, definitely. I don't like to hold onto old ideas, and if I can't form new ones, then I feel bogged down.

K.Line said...

I give it a good college try but I'm not against moving on if the trend just doesn't work. On the topic of belts: I used to loathe them and they looked weird on me (who knows how those two facts are related). So I threw them all away. Then, I decided that belts are the bomb and I own zillions of them and now I wear them all the time and I think they look very natural on me. So I feel no shame about changing my mind whenever it suits me!

landis smithers said...

i am struggling with an exquisite bag
that is hard to carry
but stunning.

i may have to rethink how and what i carry.

i am not sure this is worth the effort.

we shall see.

Songy said...

Move on! yes, that's what I'd do.
btw what kind of belt is it? will you show.. :P

editor said...

songy, that might be something for a different post. ;) want to live with it for more than a day before i fully endorse it.

landis, unless it weighs a ton and is breaking your shoulder, find a way!

k.line, changing one's mind, evolving, same difference.

enc, sounds healthy and burdensomeless...not a word, i know.

sal, it is fun. one new belt = endless new possibilities.

erica, me too, but i think i've found a new way (new to me) for me to wear them. much more comfortable.

-h, it makes perfect sense to me.
(and as always, your appreciation is very appreciated)